Thursday, July 17, 2008

July Races

  1. I really looked forward to the Aasics Race which held on 6th July - almost two weeks ago. I've been meaning to put up this post but was surprised to come here today and find out that there was no update on the Aasics Race. Anyway, better late than never so I'll tell you all about the race.
  2. I had been training sparingly for the race but was determined to show up on the day and do my very best. So the night before, I got my kit ready and laid out everything that would be going with me to the race. Running Bottoms and T-shirt - Check; Running Pouch - Check; Carbo/ Energy Gel - Check; Mp3 & batteries - Check; Running Shoes and Socks - Check; Race Number - Check. I was more than good to go. I was so excited and really looking forward to the next day's race. So excited that sleep refused to come and I kept on tossing and turning in bed and finally dozed off hours and hours later than I should................
  3. The race was scheduled for an 8.35am start and moi woke up with a start at............8.25am! I didnt know whether to laugh or cry. Why O why wasnt the race a 10am start? I definitely would have made it to the start before the gun went off. To make matters worse, some of my colleagues whom I didnt know would be running the 10k turned up for their race, completed thier 10K and put the pictures up proudly displaying their medals. Serves me right for not setting my alarm! LOL!!
  4. So Good Luck to all of you running the Race for Life this weekend and those of us turning up for the Great Capital Run also. Hope you have a lovely race. I'm in the pink wave and we'll be amongst the last to start the race. I had a lovely 30 minute run this morning. My new running partner got me out of bed cos left to me alone, the spirit is always very willing but the flesh has been very, very weak these days. I'll certainly make sure that my alarm is set for this race. It just wouldnt do missing several races in a row, seeing that I didnt turn up for Bluewater and overslept on the day of the Aasics Race. (smile)

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