Sunday, July 20, 2008

Great Capital Run

  1. Thankfully, I woke up on time for this race and was able to get to Hyde Park on time. Well just in time to see the first wave starting. I was in the 7th wave so I was not fretting that I was going to be late. I joined my group - pink wave A and did some warm ups to loosen my muscles. I had missed the group warm up also but I was determined to go slow and steady on this race and get to the end in one piece..... if possible, without stopping.
  2. We were flagged off at last when it got to our turn and my slow and steady race began. I must admit I wasnt fazed at all even when I was being overtaken by quite a lot of people. In my mind, I was like - see you at KM 6 or 7 when you'll be tired and walking and I'll cheerfully go past you. (smile)
  3. Got to KM 1 at 8:54minutes and continued my "punishment", a bit behind schedule as I had planned to run 8 minutes per km but trugged on to the second KM. Got to the 2Km mark at 19:15 minutes. Now I knew I was more than a little bit behind schedule but at least I wasnt walking yet. So I recalculated my pace in my mind and decided to run 10 minutes per Km and not put undue pressue on my self to keep up with the 8 minutes pace. I started having little stitches in my side just after I got past the first Km mark and was willing them to go away and thankfully they did. Wouldnt do at all to have setbacks so early into the race.
  4. Got to Km 3 at 29:29 minutes. Had two bottles of lucozade sports in my hands which doubled as weights. At this time, the fast runners in the first/orange wave were already heading past us in the opposite direction and towards their finish. Got to Km4 in 38:30 minutes. Keeping this pace was easier. Got to the halfway point - 5Km in 47:55 minutes and in my mind, I was praying I would be able to run negative splits. Negative splits mean you run the second half of your race faster than the first half - I think.
  5. I must say it would be a pleasure to run any race in Hyde Park some other time. The surface is really flat and when I say flat, I mean flat! Not at all like some race courses I know where 'flat' means overcoming some very serious hills like that. LOL!! Got to Km 6 in 57:25minutes. I will not lie here, I just had to walk a little bit to give my legs some breathing space. So at this point, it was walk, run, walk I was exercising.
  6. Got to Km 7 in 1:07:11minutes. At this point, there were some ladies who were power walking and passing them was a struggle. I really should stop being lazy and put more spring in my steps during these races. Then each time I stopped to power walk, they would gleefully pass me and smile at me telling me to keep up - the cheek! LOL!! But slow and steady until I got to Km 8 in 1:16:38 minutes. It all went a bit haywire after this. I think fatigue set in cos I started walking and meant to run again after about 2-3minutes but somehow, when next I looked at my time and it was about the time I should have been approaching the next Km marker and it was nowhere in sight, I knew I'd blown any hopes of getting any PB.
  7. Got to Km 9 in 1:25:02 minutes and it was a more than welcome sight. That meant that the end was nigh and in sight. Saw the 800m marker but somehow, my strength was beginning to fail. Ran a little bit to the 500m marker, the cheering egged me on and my competitive spirit kicked in. Somehow, the energy kicked in again and I had a little sprint to the finish in an attempt to overtake the two runners ahead of me. I overtook one, but didnt succeed in overtaking the other and finally got over the finish line at 1:34:21 minutes.
  8. Just after I crossed the finish line, I started having these serious cramps in my right leg. I was like thank God it came now and not while I was running. Got to the meeting area after collecting my medal and goody bag where the warm ups "or is it warm down" was going on but moi could not bend or join them due to pain and cramps. One nice little boy even had to help me get my champion chip tag off my ankle - it was that bad so I wasnt about to take any chances. Decided to give them a miss. not sure that I would make it back if I went to the ground with them. The cramps were horrible but some massage of my leg and feet soon paid rest to the pain.
  9. So this race was finished 10 minutes later than my previous PB and 11 minutes faster than the dismal time I set at the other 10K I ran in May but I cant complain seeing that I hadnt put in much training for this race. Getting to the finish was a miracle and I'm even happier that there werent any hills to conquer at all. My next race will be in September at Windsor. Looking forward to that. So there it is in black and white, the race report for my latest race. No pictures - camera is dead and buried.


Abimars said...

good race CG, I know those leg cramps they are deadly!

Uzezi said...

okay. so u ran. Good.

Omo calabar. said...

Na wa o, we gats fight u to update eh. UPDATE abegi

LondonBuki said...

Hey CG... how's your running going?
Did you make it to the Windsor 8k race?

What's 'The Beat' race?

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