Sunday, June 01, 2008

1st Week of June

  1. My entire body still hurts from my last run and today was RFL in the City. It was great fun although I cant say the actual act of running was fun at all. It hurt!
  2. Gloria Hunnigford was there and started us off at 11am. Slow and steady, I got to KM1 on time and on schedule at 8:03 minutes. Had a camera with me and was taking pictures along the way. Got to KM 2 at 17:16 minutes. Some 90 seconds later than scheduled but at least we still got there. Got to KM 3 at 27:27 minutes and was a bit happier - the end was in sight. After running a little bit more, saw KM 4 in the distance and it spurred me into a little sprint and finally got to KM 4 at 36:21 minutes.
  3. My running partner had left me behind when I started taking pictures but it was a good distraction from the pain in my calves. At long last, with the help of a new found friend who grabbed my hand when I started walking and asked me to power walk with her for some minutes and then told me that her personal trainer would only allow her 30 seconds of walking, we set off again at a slow and moderate pace. I had to gleefully tell her, her 'slow and moderate pace' was actually my everyday normal pace.
  4. At long last, we got to the 500m mark. Then the 200m mark and I was able to put in a happy sprint to the finish line to try and beat the clock and suceeded in getting in and past the finish at 45:00 minutes. So, there's my story for my race for life for this year. Got the Bluewater Race in 2weeks. Have got to raid online archives for a serious training plan to get me in shape or I'll pull out of it. If I'm panting and puffing at a 5K, I definetely have no businessbeing at a 10K. (smile)


Abimars said...

Yippee you sprinted for the finish line! Good race, meanwhile how are we doing this 10k o?

Calabar Gal said...

Hey! Did you just come back from your run? I have been in pain continually since my previous races. I think my decision to have a race every 2 weeks wasnt a very wise one at all.

Was just thinking this morning as I woke up and lay in bed if I should give out my place to someone else. Havent gone for a run since then and only 10 days left. Not sure I could cope with those hills in this state or maybe I'll just turn up as a walker?

Abimars said...

Yes I did, How did you guess? its so bright out now that I leave home at 5.30 sometimes 5.

There are hills? doesn't say anything about hills in the race pack see me see wahala!

Calabar Gal said...

I really should pick a leaf from your enthusiasm. Cant seem to wake up at 6am these days talk less of 5.30am or 5am smile)

Just found out from runners world that the steep hills have been cut out and the course will now be run in reverse. I sincerely hope that is true as these people seem to have a way with words to confuse us all.

Last yr, the course was described as 'flat and fast' and low and behold those steep hills said 'hello' at KM 2 and 3. Majority of us complained bitterly but of course, it was too late, the race was already on......

Charizard said...

ur makin mighty fine progress if u ask me...

Anonymous said...

Have you read mirages blog?

there is a scandal btw she and TLK pls spread the word peace

cally-waffybabe said...

@ Anon 12:29; You are unbelieveable. Why are you spreading lies about TLK? I don't gerrit- abi did you fancy him and he turned down?

FYI the guy has been very happily married for a long time now and has a kid. So how can he be the ex this mirage was talking about?

According to that post, the ex was about to get married and cancelled his traditional wedding cos he was still in love with mirage. TLK is very much married and i have seen his wedding pictures. So pray how can he be the same person? And you are even telling people to spread the word (lies for that matter). Be careful o else God would judge you. Abeg let him be. He is a very responsible fellow.

@ CG; How you dey sis? Abeg ignore this joker. The fact that the person can't even post as themselves speaks volumes.