Monday, May 26, 2008

Last Week of May

MONDAY - London 10000
  1. My most dismal performance ever! I hang my head in shame and debate if I should post my finish time. Thats what happens when you dont prepare enough and I think my 'bright idea' of adding more cushioning to my shoes added to my downfall and woeful race.
  2. My bright idea was that due to my complaint about my shoe's cushioning, I decided to wear 3 pairs of socks instead of my normal 2 for the race. Crossed the start about 40 seconds after the gun went off and after sometime, my feet were terribly uncomfortable. Bore the uncomfortableness until the 2km cos the course was jampacked and there was no where for me to stop but after the 2nd km, I sat on a bench on the Embankment to pull off one pair. When I got back on to the course, it was heaven - what a difference running with one pair less makes! LOL!!
  3. Got to the first km at 8:06 minutes. I was on course but it all went pear shaped from there due to the tightness in my feet. Got to the 2nd km at 18:41 and it was at this point I pulled off one pair of socks. My feet were more comfortable at this point but the harm had been done. I was already contemplating pulling a DNF and debating who to donate my entry at the next 10K to and telling myself - this was the end of any more running or races.
  4. I am so ashamed I dont know if should write anymore. KM 3 - 30:50 minutes. I knew I was doomed. Dring my normal runs, at this time, I would already be at the fourth kilometre. At this point, on the other side of the road, the professional runners and other fast runners were already at their 8km point and heading to the finish. Got to KM 4 at 42:00. Did I mention I was already walking at this point and being overtaken by everyone including trees, nurses, Dennis the menace......? Oh! There was this wonderful guy who appeared in his birthday suit + green body paint - his number was 2375 I believe if anyone is interested in checking him out. I'll see if I can find a picture of him anywhere. He got some wonderful catcalls and his popularity was massive. Unfortunately, I didnt go with my camera to this race or I definitely would have taken a picture with him as well as pictures of those in costume. Hooray!! Found a picture of the 'Green Man' online.

  1. By the time I got to km 5 in the run-walk club, it was 53:38 and I got out my Ibuleve which I rubbed on my shins, calves and waist. I was ready to trudge on and at least finish despite my woeful performance. Some very slow people went past me at this point to add insult to the injury which I know I deserved. Got past some cobbled streets very carefully and got to KM 6 in 1:04:09. All I could think at this point was that even at Bluewater where there were some very serious hills, my performance wasnt this woeful. But at least, even though I could blame it all on my poor judgment regarding the socks and the pain I was in from the cramps I was having, I knew in my heart of hearts that I didnt have enough training in the Bank. Full Stop!
  2. Got to Km 7 at 1:15:05. I was jogging slowly at this point and determined to at least finish. At Km 8, 2 dainty ladies whohad been walking all along sprinted past me. But their familes were at the 8KM point and they stopped to say hello. At least they didnt go past me again until I finished my race. Km 8 - 1:24:57 minutes, slow and steady wins they race they say? We'll get there in the end. KM 9 - 1:35:14 minutes. I had been contemplating since KM 6 of entering one of those medical tents and asking them if they had anything - balm, menthol for my pain but ended up not doing so.
  3. So many shouts, claps & cheering - "Come on, you can do it", 'You're almost there', ' Try and jog, dont walk'. Yeah Right! You think I'm doing this willingly? I'm in PAIN!! I must mention that this race was very well organised and the marshalls and stewards were so encouraging, cheering us slow coaches on with huge cheers, smiles and words of encouragement. Thank You guys - You were very wonderful!
  4. Well, eventually, I got to the 400m point, then the 200m point, the will to do a last sprint wasnt there at all. I smiled to myself. Imagine a finish without me sprinting to the finish. But like I tell my friends all the time, there is always a first time for everything. So behold, today, I ran my very first race where I did not sprint to the finish - no energy and strength left!
  5. So my very first race of the year was finished in 1:4x:18 when others were long gone. I hang my head in shame. My name is Calabar Gal and I have become a very poor & dismal runner. I was hoping to do better than my 84 minutes PB but ended up failing. Maybe there'll be redemption at Bluewater next month? Time will tell............


LondonBuki said...

It's good you didn't give up... I think you should just take this as a lesson learned... no extra socks.

So well done on taking part in the FIRST BUPA London 10k!!!!

Make sure you try to get your shoe problem sorted in time for your next race, okay?

Abimars said...

Hey CG you ran a good race, your heart was in it..... and as LB said at least you didn't give up

Definately redemption at bluewater.