Tuesday, May 20, 2008

3rd Week of May

  • Went for my run today and it was ok. 5KM in 40 minutes. I now realise that sometimes, I dont make too much of an effort raising my legs and body during the runs cos the few times I decided to do some short bursts of speed, it made me realise that I was running rather lazily. I hope this laziness will dissapear on race day which is barely a week away.
  • Run started off slowly and the first km was over in 8:34 minutes. The second km was done in 14:23 and the third km began. In my other runs, it was at this point I would begin to really enjoy my runs but today's own seemed more tasking and I finished in 25:09. Mind you, other serious runners would be finishing their runs at this point at here I was only at the half way mark. *Sigh* At this point, I discovered my lazy streak as the little bursts of speed I was putting in, making me realise I wasnt putting much effort into the run and the bursts of speed got me to km four in 34:27 minutes. The last lap began and with the end in sight, got to the finish in 40:33.
  • Maybe I'll try and fit in a longer run on my remaining days. Saturday will be my last training. Put in an extra 12 kilometres walking to and from work. My feet hurt!


  1. I have been on a walking crusade all week. Decided to walk as much as I could to anywhere I was going to on my 'rest' days from running and it had me waking up with pains in my thighs, calves, ankles and shins on my 'run' days and so I shelved running on wednesday and friday.
  2. Felt a bit better today but couldnt afford not to go on one last final run before the Monday's race. So had my energy drink and off I went went I woke up this morning.
  3. The first KM was ok although it took me quite a while to get into the rhythm of the run. Got to Km 1 in 8:42 minutes. KM 2 wasnt any better - laziness set in and I slipped into my lazy running mode and got to KM 2 in 13:42 minutes. Set off on the next lap and got to KM 3 in 21:43 minutes. By now, I was in run-walk mode. I've noticed it always gets better a little bit after km 3 and I really get into the rhythm of running after 3 kilometres. Today wasnt any better and it got better - until I could barely lift up my legs. LOL!! Got to KM 4 in 28:31 minutes - mind you I was walking most of the way but now so I'll disregard the fast times and not pay much attention to it. Got to the end of my route and KM 5 in 33:54 minutes. Yeah Right! Indeed! I must have fiddled with my timer a bit too much.
  4. I'll try and stick to an even, slow pace on Monday and see if I can make it to the finish in one piece. Need to take loads and loads of 'something' for energy. What I will take, I dont know yet. My energy reserves seem to have depleted each time I have some period of inactivity.
  5. Looking forward to race day!! Hope that whatever little training I've got in the bank will not fail me on that day. Afterall there is a saying: "..........there is security in numbers.....?"
  6. My race pack for the Bluewater Race came in this morning. Yipeee! I'm seriously praying that they change the route from those hilly roads we ran last year cos I am so not looking forward to those hills at all!


KemiMamaLopes said...

Go CG. Go CG :)

Amy@RunnersLounge said...

My definition of "serious" runner is anyone who is determined enough to finish. Don't let your pace distract or deter you - just keep running!


Abimars said...

CG leave me with my pace and distance o, all I can say is I'm definately running too slow but since my first race is in a couple of weeks and its a 10k I'm just aiming to finish

LondonBuki said...

See you there CG :-) I'll be wearing an ummm attractive orange and Blue Sue Ryder Care vest so look out for me.

Good Luck :-)

I have no idea how long it'll take me because I haven't done a timed 10k in FOREVER.