Thursday, May 15, 2008

2nd Week of May

  • Walked 12KM today instead of running. Building up my endurance and stamina?


  • Walked another 8KM. My race pack arrived in the post today. Yeah! I'm looking forward to my second 10K. What makes it different is that there'll be 9999 other runners instead of just a thousand others like my previous 10K so I wont be noticed or stick out like a sore thumb when my speed declines - I hope. (smile)


  • Another walk. 12KM I think.


  • Went for a run today. It was good actually. Took it easy and actually increased my speed mid run. My 5K route took my roughly 40 minutes. First KM - 7 minutes, the 2nd KM - 8 minutes, 3rd KM - 10 minutes, 4th KM - 8 minutes and the last one 7 minutes.


  • Went for a long run today. Tried some interval training during the runs. Completed 5km in about 47 minutes. It was tiring and I had already prepared myself mentally that today would be my long run so I ran an extra 2km. First KM - 8:40 minutes; KM 2 - 14:52 minutes; KM 3 - 23 minutes; KM 4 - 30 minutes; KM 5 - 38:13 minutes; KM 6 - 41 minutes; KM 7 - 47 minutes; KM 8 - 55 minutes. Countdown has begun. "Shiver......."
  • The first two kilometres I took it slow and was pleased when the runs seemed to get a wee bit easier by the third km. Even had little bouts of fartleks but soon settled back into running at my usual slow pace. Now I know that I burn out easily if I go too fast so watching my pace seriously on race day. When I got tired, psyched myself up and kept on repeating in my head, 'I can do this', 'I can make it to the end without stopping'. hmmnnn.
  • I've noticed during my recent runs that my running shoes seem as if there is no little or no 'cushioning' in the soles of the shoes. I'm not doing anymore than 15 miles of running per week. (More if you count the walks but I'm not counting the walks)Taken to wearing two pairs of socks now during my runs and its not any better. Surely the cushioning cant be wearing out so soon? Maybe I'll have to get proper running socks? *Sigh*

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