Saturday, May 03, 2008

1st Week of May


  1. Lazy Old me finally got my butt out of the house and onto the road for a run this morning. Got London 10000 coming up on the next Bank Holiday and failure to prepare amounts to preparing to fail and failure wasnt just in my dictionary at all. Given that there will be 12, 499 other runners there, hopefully with a little bit of practice, surely theres no way I would be in the last 100? LOL!
  2. Went to the park for my practice run and decided to have an easy warm-up jog round the park first to see how I would fare and that took me 6:36 minutes. Hmmn, I thought to myself, not bad at all considering that the speed I chose was next to zero and I wasnt running to any music at all. Next was a power walk round a smaller inner triangular perimeter and that took me another 6:32. (Mind you the power walk was only one third the perimeter of the park)
  3. I was now ready to start my run proper for the morning and switched on my mp3. Podcast 7 was the first podcast to come up and I decided to try and run to that instead of scrolling down backwards to podcast 3, 4 or 5 and see how I would fare, hoping that there would be some periods of rest in between the runs. However, listening to Robert, it seemed I'd made a courageous choice - podcast 7 was a 25 minute run with no periods of rest in between. Slow & Steady they say wins the race and so I made up my mind that no matter how slow I was, I would try and stick to the 25 minute run and last till the end.
  4. So off I went on my 25 minute run. Lap 1 was good - 6:23 minutes and I continued with Lap 2 immedietely. Lap 2 was completed in 7:45 minutes and Lap 3 commenced. Lap 3 was completed in 7:51 minutes with a dainty little sprint at the end in ecstasy at my not stopping at all and I started my warm up walk. I'm glad I chose Week 7 - 3 laps in approx 22 minutes without stopping. Lets see how tomorrow's run will turn out.


  1. Went for a slow run. Lasted all of 15 minutes and decided to switch from a slow and steady run and practice some speed work instead, then went back home.


  1. Another practice run today. Ran to Podcast 7. First lap - 6:39 minutes. Second lap - 7:11 minutes. Third Lap - 8:50 minutes and the final lap - 8:20 minutes. Wasnt that bad eventually but I know it could be better. I can just about envisage myself on race day at the start line. The gun going off and everyone leaving me behind by the first mile just like it happened at Bluewater. I can hear the clock going...... tick, tock, tick, tock..............


  1. Went for a thirty minute run this morning. I know my first lap was about 6:20 minutes but every other laptime was lost after I mistakenly reset the timer on my watch. I know I ran for approx thirty minutes. The run was ok - could be better. (as always) Didnt run on thursday and friday cos my thighs hurt so much. They've been hurting since my last run on wednesday. Popped some painkillers before leaving this morning as I had decided to ignore the pain and not let it stop me from running any more. Maybe its the extra weight I'm carrying about that's causing the pain?
  2. I know I've got to work on my speed. Interval training and fartleks - here we come. Just 2 weeks now before this year's first race. I'll see if I can make it out of the house tomorrow and if I cant, then my next run will have to be on Monday.

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