Tuesday, March 11, 2008

2nd Week of March


  • My new running shoes arrived today. Yippee!! Here's what they look like:


  • Went running this morning. It was so windy and the wind was pushing me in whichever direction it pleased. Ran to Podcast 2. Kept up with the podcast this time. Trying to build my stamina and endurance up all over again. Hopefully, before the end of two weeks, I should be back to business.
  • The shoes felt good on my feet and unlike my previous runs, I didnt have any complaints. No aching thighs, no aching legs, no aching back, etc etc Lol! Its feels good to be back on the beat. Just have to try and catch up and make up for lost time. The run today was 24:57 (time) and the route was just 2 miles.


  • Weather Conditions outside: Wet, windy, dull, not enticing enough to get me out of the house. I kept on telling myself I'll leave in some minutes and ended up not going out even though I was dressed. *Sigh* Have to be sterner with myself next week.


Londonbuki said...

Cute trainers! Good to know they are treating you well.. :-)

Abimars said...

I echo londonbuki, very cute trainers, glad you're back on the beat, you'll make of for lost time in no time, lol