Wednesday, January 23, 2008

4th Week of January

I'm sure you're asking what happened to the 3rd week of January. Well, dont even go there - I'm sure you can work out by now what happened.
  • So 4th Week of January, I try to keep to the rules once again and I've been having my dunmbell exercises for 30 minutes on alternate days and my press ups are getting better too. My water intake is still steady- 2-3 litres daily.
  • What else?!?!?!? No running yet - but I'm keeping in touch with my running mind by reading "Runners World" - does that count? LOL!! Will try and start running by the end of february when the early mornings will be a bit warmer or better still, wait till march when spring arrives.
  • Entries are now open to the 2008 Bluewater 10km race. Anyone interested can enter for it and run along with me. I'm going to enter and see if I can do better than last year's effort - not looking forward to those steep slopes and hills though but a lady gotta go what a lady's gotta do - and I wont give that little child an opportunity this year to say "Why is she walking mommy?" LOL!!
  • Free entry into the British Women's 5km Run which will hold on July 6th 2008 is being offerred to anyone who buys running shoes - the Aasics Women Gel Oberon from JD Sports. Check out this link for further details and hurry cos the offer ends 1/2/08.


  • I got my butt out of my comfort zone today and into the cold. Went for an early morning run. Who would have thought that I would one day, be complaining that 90 seconds runs were hard. But thats what happened to me today. Went back to Wk 2 of the C25K programme and it was pretty hard. My entire body aches - but I hope to be back to my previous form pretty soon. LOL!!


LondonBuki said...

Seriously? Free entry if you buy running shoes? Oh well, if I'm gonna take part in that race, I'll gave to pay because I wanna go to Runners Need and test out shoes... I enjoyed the experience last year and I am due a new pair of running shoes.

CG, don't be discouraged to run during the cold weather... you can do it!

!*!*!*!*!Fresh and Fab!*!*!*!*! said...

just 4 women eh

Abimars said...

CG I'm gonna echo londonbuki about the weather, you only feel it the first 5 minutes. I actually think I'm running better because of the weather, lol, reading runners world does not count!!!!! I'm definately signing up for the bluewater 10k.

Vickii said...

Happy New Year! And it sounds like you've got the year off to a good start ... i should follow your example. This is the craziest thing but it is much nicer to run in winter than it is in the summer heat, you're literally only cold for the first 3 minutes and after about 15 minutes, I usually strip down to my t-shirt. Try it one day and see.

fatmanrunning said...

This is why I love the blogospher. I am able to stumble on to insprining post after post to motivate me to get out and start running. I just started my own blog today, to document my two goals of (1) running a marathon in November, and (2) losing 60lbs. Thanks for the kick in the butt.

Calabar Gal said...

@LB: Runners Need huh? I'll check that out. Went out today - finally.

@Fresh and fab: Well, there's a 10km race on the same day by the same organiser that starts after the womens race is over. The 10km race is the more popular race. Look up British 10km race. Wanna sign up for that one?

@Abimars: A 10km race as ur first race? Thats a tough one but with determination and enough training, I'm sure you can do it. But be warned - the so called 'flat surfaces' as advertised in 10km races are definitely not FLAT! LOL!!

@Vickii: It was cold all through the race - except after I finished running. Thats when I took off my jacket cos I was sweating profusely and was so hot. Imagine sweating after 90 seconds runs. LOL!!

@Fatmanrunning: I'm sure you'll enjoy running. We all do. Its such great fun. But thats a tall ambition - running a marathon at the end of the year. Good luck with that. I'm aiming at running my first half-marathon at the end of the year.

Abimars said...

Yipee at running again!!!!

LondonBuki said...

Hey CG... well done on running!! :-)

I just registered for Race For Life that takes place on the 19th of July... you up for it?

And I also register for Windsor Half Marathon...

Calabar Gal said...

@Abimars: (smile) Me too - yipee @ running again. LOL!!

@LB: I got an email today reminding me about the race for life. I'm entering for every race I ran last yr just to compare my performance. Interested in the Windsor Half Marathon too but will let you guys know when I actually get round to registering. (Smile)