Sunday, January 13, 2008

2nd Week of January

  1. Reading Abi's current post reminded me I should stop being selfish and update. I started my exercises last monday. Like LB, I had made a mental note that I would stop being lackadaisical and either start exercising or running from the 7th. Had 30 - 50 minute home workouts on alternate days during the week. My arms hurt like hell. Not sure if the hurting has something to do with the pushups I've been doing or the dumbells I've been working out with.
  2. Healthy eating was OK all week until thursday night when it all went Pete Tong and then continued all weekend. So I suppose my healthy eating days will be four days on, three days off, or five days on and two days off or whatever cos I will start healthy eating again tomorrow. LOL!!
  3. The daily quota of drinking at least 2 litres of water daily has gone quite well. Infact, I've been drinking 1.5 litres of water comfortably without any struggle after my homeworkouts even before leaving for work and the rest during the course of the day at work. Been taking 3 litres daily comfortably to my amazement.
  4. Havent ventured outside yet to run but when I do, I know I'll start from week 1 of the C25K programme just to get in the feel of running once again. No liver to run yet but I'll get round to that - soon.


el~correcta said...

don't think i've ever had the first comment on any here's to my first time being first...hip hip hip...HOOOOORRRRRRRAYYYYY!!

the thing is i don't really jog cos i don't want to loose the small flesh i've managed to gather since i left school!!lol

Abimars said...

Yipee CG is back on the block, wish I could up my water intake like that, I read a post recently on healthy eating five days a week can't remember where though but it makes good reading and actually had scientific results (I think) will let you know if I find it again.
Also when did you enter for your races tried some but most have stopped taking entries serves me right for starting so late. Goodluck with the couch to 5k again and welcome back

Beyond said...

it's great that you 're getting back into the routine, wish you the strenght to keep it up.

Calabar Gal said...

@El~correcta: First at last huh? Congratulations. (smile) LOL @ not wanting to loose the little flesh you've managed to gather. Some of us have it (flesh) in abundance. LOL!!

@Abimars: put them up to remind me about my plans to participate. Havent registered for any yet although I know the London 10000 is filled up already.

@Beyond: Amen. Strength & Resilence indeed. LOL!!

LondonBuki said...

Hi CG!
How are you doing?
Keep up the good work this year and do even better :-)
I joined Weightwatchers yesterday and will be documenting my progress on my fitness blog...

Catch you later...

P.S. How's your running partner? Please say hello to her for me.

anonymous gal said...

Good God.fine i will join all u weight watchers since God is usin u all to tell me its time to do something.

Gbemi's Piece said...

Goodluck with your healthy eating and workouts. Please, tell me, what do you eat on your healthy eating days? I've run out of ideas of tasty things to cook that are healty. I love our Naija food hardly anything except for the soups fall into the healthy category. Goodluck once again!