Monday, January 28, 2008

Last Week of January


  • I went running today. I suppose I have overcome my phobia of the cold and gotten back to my love - running.
  • Today was Week 2, Day 2 of the C25k. Halfway through the run, my running jacket just had to come off - I was feeling so hot. But my running partner didnt see the sense in that - to her, I didnt have on enough layers and shouldnt have taken off my jacket. Did I mention she had on her woolly sweatshirt and teeshirt throughout the entire run and left me behind? She hadnt run too in a long, long while but her fitness level hasnt deteriorated like mine. I couldnt catch up with her!
  • Yes - you heard right. She sooooo left me behind. She ran 35 minutes non stop and there was I, way, way behind her struggling with 90 seconds runs and 2 minute rests intervals. LOL!! We may have another lady joining us on our runs next week. She saw us running and said she was intersted.
  • I finished my run in 42 minutes. Lets see if there'll be any improvement when I run again on Wednesday cos I'm sticking to my Home Workouts only tomorrow.


  • And then they were three............................
  • Our new running partner joined us today and she seems to be some sort of 'Pro'. Well, time will tell. She led us today and we went on a 5 minute warm up jog round the block and then she brought out her CD player and we did some sort of 'fartlek'. Running to and from two spots and being timed ............
  • It was exhausting and made us feel as if we didnt do much. We go on a proper run tomorrow.


  • I was supposed to go running yesterday but couldnt. Too many things happened - was supposed to meet my running partner at 7am, woke up on the dot of 7am, tried to call her to tell her I'd be late, her phone kept on going to voicemail cos she was trying to get me too, went looking for my running bra, all were wet, had forgotten to wash them, my man was late, he needed help getting ready. Contemplated going without a running bra - (my top had an inbuilt one afterall but she advised against it) Just had to ask her to go without me.
  • So come today, I went running instead to make up for missing yesterday. I'm getting into the flow of running. My run today wasnt laborious at all. I lasted throughout all the intervals and was quite pleased with myself. Went for my long run today and went throught Week 2 podcast twice as the podcast finished at about the halfway point of my route.
  • So happily, I begin podcast 3 next week. It was freezing so much this morning. My fingers were so cold - almost frozen solid - and surprisingly, my jacket didnt come off at all today maybe because it was so cold. The downside was my top kept riding up my tummy. Had to keep on putting my hand underneath my jacket to pull it down - could my tummy be getting bigger or the wicking material was just too small? I'd like to think its the latter. (smile) Anyway, my running jacket hid all clothing malfunctions from the view of all and sundry. Looking forward to my next run on Monday.
  • Did I mention my long run today was 39 minutes? 39 minutes of pure fun and pleasure - well, it would be. I was running for only 90 seconds intervals. LOL!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

4th Week of January

I'm sure you're asking what happened to the 3rd week of January. Well, dont even go there - I'm sure you can work out by now what happened.
  • So 4th Week of January, I try to keep to the rules once again and I've been having my dunmbell exercises for 30 minutes on alternate days and my press ups are getting better too. My water intake is still steady- 2-3 litres daily.
  • What else?!?!?!? No running yet - but I'm keeping in touch with my running mind by reading "Runners World" - does that count? LOL!! Will try and start running by the end of february when the early mornings will be a bit warmer or better still, wait till march when spring arrives.
  • Entries are now open to the 2008 Bluewater 10km race. Anyone interested can enter for it and run along with me. I'm going to enter and see if I can do better than last year's effort - not looking forward to those steep slopes and hills though but a lady gotta go what a lady's gotta do - and I wont give that little child an opportunity this year to say "Why is she walking mommy?" LOL!!
  • Free entry into the British Women's 5km Run which will hold on July 6th 2008 is being offerred to anyone who buys running shoes - the Aasics Women Gel Oberon from JD Sports. Check out this link for further details and hurry cos the offer ends 1/2/08.


  • I got my butt out of my comfort zone today and into the cold. Went for an early morning run. Who would have thought that I would one day, be complaining that 90 seconds runs were hard. But thats what happened to me today. Went back to Wk 2 of the C25K programme and it was pretty hard. My entire body aches - but I hope to be back to my previous form pretty soon. LOL!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

2nd Week of January

  1. Reading Abi's current post reminded me I should stop being selfish and update. I started my exercises last monday. Like LB, I had made a mental note that I would stop being lackadaisical and either start exercising or running from the 7th. Had 30 - 50 minute home workouts on alternate days during the week. My arms hurt like hell. Not sure if the hurting has something to do with the pushups I've been doing or the dumbells I've been working out with.
  2. Healthy eating was OK all week until thursday night when it all went Pete Tong and then continued all weekend. So I suppose my healthy eating days will be four days on, three days off, or five days on and two days off or whatever cos I will start healthy eating again tomorrow. LOL!!
  3. The daily quota of drinking at least 2 litres of water daily has gone quite well. Infact, I've been drinking 1.5 litres of water comfortably without any struggle after my homeworkouts even before leaving for work and the rest during the course of the day at work. Been taking 3 litres daily comfortably to my amazement.
  4. Havent ventured outside yet to run but when I do, I know I'll start from week 1 of the C25K programme just to get in the feel of running once again. No liver to run yet but I'll get round to that - soon.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year

Does anyone (except Abimars) still come here? Even I am guilty of not visiting this blog for quite sometime now talkless of updating it. My excuse? Not much exercise going on in my life. LOL!!
Happy New Year my friends. May all our hearts desires come true for us in 2008. Cheers.