Sunday, July 20, 2008

Great Capital Run

  1. Thankfully, I woke up on time for this race and was able to get to Hyde Park on time. Well just in time to see the first wave starting. I was in the 7th wave so I was not fretting that I was going to be late. I joined my group - pink wave A and did some warm ups to loosen my muscles. I had missed the group warm up also but I was determined to go slow and steady on this race and get to the end in one piece..... if possible, without stopping.
  2. We were flagged off at last when it got to our turn and my slow and steady race began. I must admit I wasnt fazed at all even when I was being overtaken by quite a lot of people. In my mind, I was like - see you at KM 6 or 7 when you'll be tired and walking and I'll cheerfully go past you. (smile)
  3. Got to KM 1 at 8:54minutes and continued my "punishment", a bit behind schedule as I had planned to run 8 minutes per km but trugged on to the second KM. Got to the 2Km mark at 19:15 minutes. Now I knew I was more than a little bit behind schedule but at least I wasnt walking yet. So I recalculated my pace in my mind and decided to run 10 minutes per Km and not put undue pressue on my self to keep up with the 8 minutes pace. I started having little stitches in my side just after I got past the first Km mark and was willing them to go away and thankfully they did. Wouldnt do at all to have setbacks so early into the race.
  4. Got to Km 3 at 29:29 minutes. Had two bottles of lucozade sports in my hands which doubled as weights. At this time, the fast runners in the first/orange wave were already heading past us in the opposite direction and towards their finish. Got to Km4 in 38:30 minutes. Keeping this pace was easier. Got to the halfway point - 5Km in 47:55 minutes and in my mind, I was praying I would be able to run negative splits. Negative splits mean you run the second half of your race faster than the first half - I think.
  5. I must say it would be a pleasure to run any race in Hyde Park some other time. The surface is really flat and when I say flat, I mean flat! Not at all like some race courses I know where 'flat' means overcoming some very serious hills like that. LOL!! Got to Km 6 in 57:25minutes. I will not lie here, I just had to walk a little bit to give my legs some breathing space. So at this point, it was walk, run, walk I was exercising.
  6. Got to Km 7 in 1:07:11minutes. At this point, there were some ladies who were power walking and passing them was a struggle. I really should stop being lazy and put more spring in my steps during these races. Then each time I stopped to power walk, they would gleefully pass me and smile at me telling me to keep up - the cheek! LOL!! But slow and steady until I got to Km 8 in 1:16:38 minutes. It all went a bit haywire after this. I think fatigue set in cos I started walking and meant to run again after about 2-3minutes but somehow, when next I looked at my time and it was about the time I should have been approaching the next Km marker and it was nowhere in sight, I knew I'd blown any hopes of getting any PB.
  7. Got to Km 9 in 1:25:02 minutes and it was a more than welcome sight. That meant that the end was nigh and in sight. Saw the 800m marker but somehow, my strength was beginning to fail. Ran a little bit to the 500m marker, the cheering egged me on and my competitive spirit kicked in. Somehow, the energy kicked in again and I had a little sprint to the finish in an attempt to overtake the two runners ahead of me. I overtook one, but didnt succeed in overtaking the other and finally got over the finish line at 1:34:21 minutes.
  8. Just after I crossed the finish line, I started having these serious cramps in my right leg. I was like thank God it came now and not while I was running. Got to the meeting area after collecting my medal and goody bag where the warm ups "or is it warm down" was going on but moi could not bend or join them due to pain and cramps. One nice little boy even had to help me get my champion chip tag off my ankle - it was that bad so I wasnt about to take any chances. Decided to give them a miss. not sure that I would make it back if I went to the ground with them. The cramps were horrible but some massage of my leg and feet soon paid rest to the pain.
  9. So this race was finished 10 minutes later than my previous PB and 11 minutes faster than the dismal time I set at the other 10K I ran in May but I cant complain seeing that I hadnt put in much training for this race. Getting to the finish was a miracle and I'm even happier that there werent any hills to conquer at all. My next race will be in September at Windsor. Looking forward to that. So there it is in black and white, the race report for my latest race. No pictures - camera is dead and buried.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

July Races

  1. I really looked forward to the Aasics Race which held on 6th July - almost two weeks ago. I've been meaning to put up this post but was surprised to come here today and find out that there was no update on the Aasics Race. Anyway, better late than never so I'll tell you all about the race.
  2. I had been training sparingly for the race but was determined to show up on the day and do my very best. So the night before, I got my kit ready and laid out everything that would be going with me to the race. Running Bottoms and T-shirt - Check; Running Pouch - Check; Carbo/ Energy Gel - Check; Mp3 & batteries - Check; Running Shoes and Socks - Check; Race Number - Check. I was more than good to go. I was so excited and really looking forward to the next day's race. So excited that sleep refused to come and I kept on tossing and turning in bed and finally dozed off hours and hours later than I should................
  3. The race was scheduled for an 8.35am start and moi woke up with a start at............8.25am! I didnt know whether to laugh or cry. Why O why wasnt the race a 10am start? I definitely would have made it to the start before the gun went off. To make matters worse, some of my colleagues whom I didnt know would be running the 10k turned up for their race, completed thier 10K and put the pictures up proudly displaying their medals. Serves me right for not setting my alarm! LOL!!
  4. So Good Luck to all of you running the Race for Life this weekend and those of us turning up for the Great Capital Run also. Hope you have a lovely race. I'm in the pink wave and we'll be amongst the last to start the race. I had a lovely 30 minute run this morning. My new running partner got me out of bed cos left to me alone, the spirit is always very willing but the flesh has been very, very weak these days. I'll certainly make sure that my alarm is set for this race. It just wouldnt do missing several races in a row, seeing that I didnt turn up for Bluewater and overslept on the day of the Aasics Race. (smile)

Sunday, June 01, 2008

1st Week of June

  1. My entire body still hurts from my last run and today was RFL in the City. It was great fun although I cant say the actual act of running was fun at all. It hurt!
  2. Gloria Hunnigford was there and started us off at 11am. Slow and steady, I got to KM1 on time and on schedule at 8:03 minutes. Had a camera with me and was taking pictures along the way. Got to KM 2 at 17:16 minutes. Some 90 seconds later than scheduled but at least we still got there. Got to KM 3 at 27:27 minutes and was a bit happier - the end was in sight. After running a little bit more, saw KM 4 in the distance and it spurred me into a little sprint and finally got to KM 4 at 36:21 minutes.
  3. My running partner had left me behind when I started taking pictures but it was a good distraction from the pain in my calves. At long last, with the help of a new found friend who grabbed my hand when I started walking and asked me to power walk with her for some minutes and then told me that her personal trainer would only allow her 30 seconds of walking, we set off again at a slow and moderate pace. I had to gleefully tell her, her 'slow and moderate pace' was actually my everyday normal pace.
  4. At long last, we got to the 500m mark. Then the 200m mark and I was able to put in a happy sprint to the finish line to try and beat the clock and suceeded in getting in and past the finish at 45:00 minutes. So, there's my story for my race for life for this year. Got the Bluewater Race in 2weeks. Have got to raid online archives for a serious training plan to get me in shape or I'll pull out of it. If I'm panting and puffing at a 5K, I definetely have no businessbeing at a 10K. (smile)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Last Week of May

MONDAY - London 10000
  1. My most dismal performance ever! I hang my head in shame and debate if I should post my finish time. Thats what happens when you dont prepare enough and I think my 'bright idea' of adding more cushioning to my shoes added to my downfall and woeful race.
  2. My bright idea was that due to my complaint about my shoe's cushioning, I decided to wear 3 pairs of socks instead of my normal 2 for the race. Crossed the start about 40 seconds after the gun went off and after sometime, my feet were terribly uncomfortable. Bore the uncomfortableness until the 2km cos the course was jampacked and there was no where for me to stop but after the 2nd km, I sat on a bench on the Embankment to pull off one pair. When I got back on to the course, it was heaven - what a difference running with one pair less makes! LOL!!
  3. Got to the first km at 8:06 minutes. I was on course but it all went pear shaped from there due to the tightness in my feet. Got to the 2nd km at 18:41 and it was at this point I pulled off one pair of socks. My feet were more comfortable at this point but the harm had been done. I was already contemplating pulling a DNF and debating who to donate my entry at the next 10K to and telling myself - this was the end of any more running or races.
  4. I am so ashamed I dont know if should write anymore. KM 3 - 30:50 minutes. I knew I was doomed. Dring my normal runs, at this time, I would already be at the fourth kilometre. At this point, on the other side of the road, the professional runners and other fast runners were already at their 8km point and heading to the finish. Got to KM 4 at 42:00. Did I mention I was already walking at this point and being overtaken by everyone including trees, nurses, Dennis the menace......? Oh! There was this wonderful guy who appeared in his birthday suit + green body paint - his number was 2375 I believe if anyone is interested in checking him out. I'll see if I can find a picture of him anywhere. He got some wonderful catcalls and his popularity was massive. Unfortunately, I didnt go with my camera to this race or I definitely would have taken a picture with him as well as pictures of those in costume. Hooray!! Found a picture of the 'Green Man' online.

  1. By the time I got to km 5 in the run-walk club, it was 53:38 and I got out my Ibuleve which I rubbed on my shins, calves and waist. I was ready to trudge on and at least finish despite my woeful performance. Some very slow people went past me at this point to add insult to the injury which I know I deserved. Got past some cobbled streets very carefully and got to KM 6 in 1:04:09. All I could think at this point was that even at Bluewater where there were some very serious hills, my performance wasnt this woeful. But at least, even though I could blame it all on my poor judgment regarding the socks and the pain I was in from the cramps I was having, I knew in my heart of hearts that I didnt have enough training in the Bank. Full Stop!
  2. Got to Km 7 at 1:15:05. I was jogging slowly at this point and determined to at least finish. At Km 8, 2 dainty ladies whohad been walking all along sprinted past me. But their familes were at the 8KM point and they stopped to say hello. At least they didnt go past me again until I finished my race. Km 8 - 1:24:57 minutes, slow and steady wins they race they say? We'll get there in the end. KM 9 - 1:35:14 minutes. I had been contemplating since KM 6 of entering one of those medical tents and asking them if they had anything - balm, menthol for my pain but ended up not doing so.
  3. So many shouts, claps & cheering - "Come on, you can do it", 'You're almost there', ' Try and jog, dont walk'. Yeah Right! You think I'm doing this willingly? I'm in PAIN!! I must mention that this race was very well organised and the marshalls and stewards were so encouraging, cheering us slow coaches on with huge cheers, smiles and words of encouragement. Thank You guys - You were very wonderful!
  4. Well, eventually, I got to the 400m point, then the 200m point, the will to do a last sprint wasnt there at all. I smiled to myself. Imagine a finish without me sprinting to the finish. But like I tell my friends all the time, there is always a first time for everything. So behold, today, I ran my very first race where I did not sprint to the finish - no energy and strength left!
  5. So my very first race of the year was finished in 1:4x:18 when others were long gone. I hang my head in shame. My name is Calabar Gal and I have become a very poor & dismal runner. I was hoping to do better than my 84 minutes PB but ended up failing. Maybe there'll be redemption at Bluewater next month? Time will tell............

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

3rd Week of May

  • Went for my run today and it was ok. 5KM in 40 minutes. I now realise that sometimes, I dont make too much of an effort raising my legs and body during the runs cos the few times I decided to do some short bursts of speed, it made me realise that I was running rather lazily. I hope this laziness will dissapear on race day which is barely a week away.
  • Run started off slowly and the first km was over in 8:34 minutes. The second km was done in 14:23 and the third km began. In my other runs, it was at this point I would begin to really enjoy my runs but today's own seemed more tasking and I finished in 25:09. Mind you, other serious runners would be finishing their runs at this point at here I was only at the half way mark. *Sigh* At this point, I discovered my lazy streak as the little bursts of speed I was putting in, making me realise I wasnt putting much effort into the run and the bursts of speed got me to km four in 34:27 minutes. The last lap began and with the end in sight, got to the finish in 40:33.
  • Maybe I'll try and fit in a longer run on my remaining days. Saturday will be my last training. Put in an extra 12 kilometres walking to and from work. My feet hurt!


  1. I have been on a walking crusade all week. Decided to walk as much as I could to anywhere I was going to on my 'rest' days from running and it had me waking up with pains in my thighs, calves, ankles and shins on my 'run' days and so I shelved running on wednesday and friday.
  2. Felt a bit better today but couldnt afford not to go on one last final run before the Monday's race. So had my energy drink and off I went went I woke up this morning.
  3. The first KM was ok although it took me quite a while to get into the rhythm of the run. Got to Km 1 in 8:42 minutes. KM 2 wasnt any better - laziness set in and I slipped into my lazy running mode and got to KM 2 in 13:42 minutes. Set off on the next lap and got to KM 3 in 21:43 minutes. By now, I was in run-walk mode. I've noticed it always gets better a little bit after km 3 and I really get into the rhythm of running after 3 kilometres. Today wasnt any better and it got better - until I could barely lift up my legs. LOL!! Got to KM 4 in 28:31 minutes - mind you I was walking most of the way but now so I'll disregard the fast times and not pay much attention to it. Got to the end of my route and KM 5 in 33:54 minutes. Yeah Right! Indeed! I must have fiddled with my timer a bit too much.
  4. I'll try and stick to an even, slow pace on Monday and see if I can make it to the finish in one piece. Need to take loads and loads of 'something' for energy. What I will take, I dont know yet. My energy reserves seem to have depleted each time I have some period of inactivity.
  5. Looking forward to race day!! Hope that whatever little training I've got in the bank will not fail me on that day. Afterall there is a saying: "..........there is security in numbers.....?"
  6. My race pack for the Bluewater Race came in this morning. Yipeee! I'm seriously praying that they change the route from those hilly roads we ran last year cos I am so not looking forward to those hills at all!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

2nd Week of May

  • Walked 12KM today instead of running. Building up my endurance and stamina?


  • Walked another 8KM. My race pack arrived in the post today. Yeah! I'm looking forward to my second 10K. What makes it different is that there'll be 9999 other runners instead of just a thousand others like my previous 10K so I wont be noticed or stick out like a sore thumb when my speed declines - I hope. (smile)


  • Another walk. 12KM I think.


  • Went for a run today. It was good actually. Took it easy and actually increased my speed mid run. My 5K route took my roughly 40 minutes. First KM - 7 minutes, the 2nd KM - 8 minutes, 3rd KM - 10 minutes, 4th KM - 8 minutes and the last one 7 minutes.


  • Went for a long run today. Tried some interval training during the runs. Completed 5km in about 47 minutes. It was tiring and I had already prepared myself mentally that today would be my long run so I ran an extra 2km. First KM - 8:40 minutes; KM 2 - 14:52 minutes; KM 3 - 23 minutes; KM 4 - 30 minutes; KM 5 - 38:13 minutes; KM 6 - 41 minutes; KM 7 - 47 minutes; KM 8 - 55 minutes. Countdown has begun. "Shiver......."
  • The first two kilometres I took it slow and was pleased when the runs seemed to get a wee bit easier by the third km. Even had little bouts of fartleks but soon settled back into running at my usual slow pace. Now I know that I burn out easily if I go too fast so watching my pace seriously on race day. When I got tired, psyched myself up and kept on repeating in my head, 'I can do this', 'I can make it to the end without stopping'. hmmnnn.
  • I've noticed during my recent runs that my running shoes seem as if there is no little or no 'cushioning' in the soles of the shoes. I'm not doing anymore than 15 miles of running per week. (More if you count the walks but I'm not counting the walks)Taken to wearing two pairs of socks now during my runs and its not any better. Surely the cushioning cant be wearing out so soon? Maybe I'll have to get proper running socks? *Sigh*

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


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Saturday, May 03, 2008

1st Week of May


  1. Lazy Old me finally got my butt out of the house and onto the road for a run this morning. Got London 10000 coming up on the next Bank Holiday and failure to prepare amounts to preparing to fail and failure wasnt just in my dictionary at all. Given that there will be 12, 499 other runners there, hopefully with a little bit of practice, surely theres no way I would be in the last 100? LOL!
  2. Went to the park for my practice run and decided to have an easy warm-up jog round the park first to see how I would fare and that took me 6:36 minutes. Hmmn, I thought to myself, not bad at all considering that the speed I chose was next to zero and I wasnt running to any music at all. Next was a power walk round a smaller inner triangular perimeter and that took me another 6:32. (Mind you the power walk was only one third the perimeter of the park)
  3. I was now ready to start my run proper for the morning and switched on my mp3. Podcast 7 was the first podcast to come up and I decided to try and run to that instead of scrolling down backwards to podcast 3, 4 or 5 and see how I would fare, hoping that there would be some periods of rest in between the runs. However, listening to Robert, it seemed I'd made a courageous choice - podcast 7 was a 25 minute run with no periods of rest in between. Slow & Steady they say wins the race and so I made up my mind that no matter how slow I was, I would try and stick to the 25 minute run and last till the end.
  4. So off I went on my 25 minute run. Lap 1 was good - 6:23 minutes and I continued with Lap 2 immedietely. Lap 2 was completed in 7:45 minutes and Lap 3 commenced. Lap 3 was completed in 7:51 minutes with a dainty little sprint at the end in ecstasy at my not stopping at all and I started my warm up walk. I'm glad I chose Week 7 - 3 laps in approx 22 minutes without stopping. Lets see how tomorrow's run will turn out.


  1. Went for a slow run. Lasted all of 15 minutes and decided to switch from a slow and steady run and practice some speed work instead, then went back home.


  1. Another practice run today. Ran to Podcast 7. First lap - 6:39 minutes. Second lap - 7:11 minutes. Third Lap - 8:50 minutes and the final lap - 8:20 minutes. Wasnt that bad eventually but I know it could be better. I can just about envisage myself on race day at the start line. The gun going off and everyone leaving me behind by the first mile just like it happened at Bluewater. I can hear the clock going...... tick, tock, tick, tock..............


  1. Went for a thirty minute run this morning. I know my first lap was about 6:20 minutes but every other laptime was lost after I mistakenly reset the timer on my watch. I know I ran for approx thirty minutes. The run was ok - could be better. (as always) Didnt run on thursday and friday cos my thighs hurt so much. They've been hurting since my last run on wednesday. Popped some painkillers before leaving this morning as I had decided to ignore the pain and not let it stop me from running any more. Maybe its the extra weight I'm carrying about that's causing the pain?
  2. I know I've got to work on my speed. Interval training and fartleks - here we come. Just 2 weeks now before this year's first race. I'll see if I can make it out of the house tomorrow and if I cant, then my next run will have to be on Monday.

Friday, March 28, 2008

4th Week of March

  • I havent actually gone running this week. Mrs Somebody is around on holidays and the kind of walking about we have done with the entire family I'm sure will make up, up to 6 "10 km races". LOL!! I have been so exhausted all week with another family wedding over the weekend too. Dancing all night on heels. Pheww! Maybe I'll take all of them running with me one of these days to get a feel of running around my neighbourhood - after my exhaustion is over.
  • I can comfortably say that my entry has been confirmed for all the planned races in my sidebar - well except the Adidas Women's Race as entry for that hasnt opened yet and I'm not running the Royal Parks Half. I wouldnt have recovered from the London o2 Half in time for that. These races are a very expensive venture I must say. I'm not sure I'll do all these Great Run Races next year. My pocket doth complaineth. (smile)
  • March is almost over and April is just around the corner. Gosh, I've got to get serious if I'm to train and finish these upcoming races in good time.
  • Wednesday, March 19, 2008

    3rd Week of March

    • My aim today was to exercise for an hour at least and I think I suceeded. It was exactly an hour between my stepping out of the house and getting back home. I'll break it down.
    • My walk to the park took 10 minutes. When I got there, I began my first lap round the park and was pleasantly surprised when my time at the end of the lap said 6:30 minutes. This was a good improvement from the 8-11 minute laps I used to run previously. I was so happy! I started off on my second lap. 2 minutes into the lap, my batteries died - again. I really should not be so careless but I must admit I was left without any music and finishing that lap was a very concious effort where I was aware of every step I jogged and not as effortless as the first lap. Incredibly, the 2nd lap was 5:50 minutes. But the will to run without any music just wasnt there anymore. (I think I've become spoilt) and so I switched to power walking instead.
    • Power walked round the park: 2 laps of 12 minutes each. Went round the external perimeters and so the distance was much more than the perimeter I ran which is normally the internal perimeter.
    • Then walked back home. So I could say I was active for an hour.

    Tuesday, March 11, 2008

    2nd Week of March


    • My new running shoes arrived today. Yippee!! Here's what they look like:


    • Went running this morning. It was so windy and the wind was pushing me in whichever direction it pleased. Ran to Podcast 2. Kept up with the podcast this time. Trying to build my stamina and endurance up all over again. Hopefully, before the end of two weeks, I should be back to business.
    • The shoes felt good on my feet and unlike my previous runs, I didnt have any complaints. No aching thighs, no aching legs, no aching back, etc etc Lol! Its feels good to be back on the beat. Just have to try and catch up and make up for lost time. The run today was 24:57 (time) and the route was just 2 miles.


    • Weather Conditions outside: Wet, windy, dull, not enticing enough to get me out of the house. I kept on telling myself I'll leave in some minutes and ended up not going out even though I was dressed. *Sigh* Have to be sterner with myself next week.

    Monday, March 03, 2008

    1st Week of March

    • Went running today. Not for too long. Just 22 minutes. It was soooooo cooooooold outside.


    • Has anyone noticed my header has changed? To a 'FITNESS' Chronicle. LOL!! Well, Since I'm not winning the weight part, no need emphasizing it in my title so I'll settle on just being fit. (smile)
    • I havent run anymore this week. Recovering from a bout of cold that started on Tuesday or Wednesday I think. But I think I've gotten over tthe worst bit of it.
    • My body aches so much these days I just dont know why. All I do is walk around and go about my normal everyday business but I hurt so much as if I've been running or exercising. It just makes me wonder what is going on.
    • Our 3rd running partner wants us to go running tomorrow. If I feel better in the morning, I just may go running with her. Its been quite a while.

    Wednesday, February 20, 2008

    2nd & 3rd Week of February

    • I have been awol I know. Dont want to run anymore......... in my old running shoes I mean until I get my new running shoes. Runners Need recommended Asics GT2130 so I'm really looking forward to when they arrive next week and I can go out again.
    • Thanks everyone who has left me a comment will be back to reply you all. In the interim, saw this video of an early morning run on you tube and couldnt resist sharing it.

    Monday, February 04, 2008

    First Week of February


    • I think I may have sprained my waist - again during my run on saturday. It hurt throughout my entire run today. The run was better. Had some 7 minute runs and the entire run was 35 minutes. I run again on wednesday.


    • No running till the weekend.


    • Our run today was 41 minutes. It started well but halfway through, it was my calves and not my waist that were hurting. I'm not sure what is happening to me. I ran longer routes and far better last year without any complaints. This year, its been one complaint or the other. My waist later on joined in the hurting game towards the end of the route. (smile) I think I may need new running shoes. These ones seem to be fast approaching their sell by date. The run today was ok. A bit laborious cos I think my running shoes are getting worn out or maybe my body weight is getting too heavy for me to carry? Time will tell.

    Monday, January 28, 2008

    Last Week of January


    • I went running today. I suppose I have overcome my phobia of the cold and gotten back to my love - running.
    • Today was Week 2, Day 2 of the C25k. Halfway through the run, my running jacket just had to come off - I was feeling so hot. But my running partner didnt see the sense in that - to her, I didnt have on enough layers and shouldnt have taken off my jacket. Did I mention she had on her woolly sweatshirt and teeshirt throughout the entire run and left me behind? She hadnt run too in a long, long while but her fitness level hasnt deteriorated like mine. I couldnt catch up with her!
    • Yes - you heard right. She sooooo left me behind. She ran 35 minutes non stop and there was I, way, way behind her struggling with 90 seconds runs and 2 minute rests intervals. LOL!! We may have another lady joining us on our runs next week. She saw us running and said she was intersted.
    • I finished my run in 42 minutes. Lets see if there'll be any improvement when I run again on Wednesday cos I'm sticking to my Home Workouts only tomorrow.


    • And then they were three............................
    • Our new running partner joined us today and she seems to be some sort of 'Pro'. Well, time will tell. She led us today and we went on a 5 minute warm up jog round the block and then she brought out her CD player and we did some sort of 'fartlek'. Running to and from two spots and being timed ............
    • It was exhausting and made us feel as if we didnt do much. We go on a proper run tomorrow.


    • I was supposed to go running yesterday but couldnt. Too many things happened - was supposed to meet my running partner at 7am, woke up on the dot of 7am, tried to call her to tell her I'd be late, her phone kept on going to voicemail cos she was trying to get me too, went looking for my running bra, all were wet, had forgotten to wash them, my man was late, he needed help getting ready. Contemplated going without a running bra - (my top had an inbuilt one afterall but she advised against it) Just had to ask her to go without me.
    • So come today, I went running instead to make up for missing yesterday. I'm getting into the flow of running. My run today wasnt laborious at all. I lasted throughout all the intervals and was quite pleased with myself. Went for my long run today and went throught Week 2 podcast twice as the podcast finished at about the halfway point of my route.
    • So happily, I begin podcast 3 next week. It was freezing so much this morning. My fingers were so cold - almost frozen solid - and surprisingly, my jacket didnt come off at all today maybe because it was so cold. The downside was my top kept riding up my tummy. Had to keep on putting my hand underneath my jacket to pull it down - could my tummy be getting bigger or the wicking material was just too small? I'd like to think its the latter. (smile) Anyway, my running jacket hid all clothing malfunctions from the view of all and sundry. Looking forward to my next run on Monday.
    • Did I mention my long run today was 39 minutes? 39 minutes of pure fun and pleasure - well, it would be. I was running for only 90 seconds intervals. LOL!!

    Wednesday, January 23, 2008

    4th Week of January

    I'm sure you're asking what happened to the 3rd week of January. Well, dont even go there - I'm sure you can work out by now what happened.
    • So 4th Week of January, I try to keep to the rules once again and I've been having my dunmbell exercises for 30 minutes on alternate days and my press ups are getting better too. My water intake is still steady- 2-3 litres daily.
    • What else?!?!?!? No running yet - but I'm keeping in touch with my running mind by reading "Runners World" - does that count? LOL!! Will try and start running by the end of february when the early mornings will be a bit warmer or better still, wait till march when spring arrives.
    • Entries are now open to the 2008 Bluewater 10km race. Anyone interested can enter for it and run along with me. I'm going to enter and see if I can do better than last year's effort - not looking forward to those steep slopes and hills though but a lady gotta go what a lady's gotta do - and I wont give that little child an opportunity this year to say "Why is she walking mommy?" LOL!!
    • Free entry into the British Women's 5km Run which will hold on July 6th 2008 is being offerred to anyone who buys running shoes - the Aasics Women Gel Oberon from JD Sports. Check out this link for further details and hurry cos the offer ends 1/2/08.


    • I got my butt out of my comfort zone today and into the cold. Went for an early morning run. Who would have thought that I would one day, be complaining that 90 seconds runs were hard. But thats what happened to me today. Went back to Wk 2 of the C25K programme and it was pretty hard. My entire body aches - but I hope to be back to my previous form pretty soon. LOL!!

    Sunday, January 13, 2008

    2nd Week of January

    1. Reading Abi's current post reminded me I should stop being selfish and update. I started my exercises last monday. Like LB, I had made a mental note that I would stop being lackadaisical and either start exercising or running from the 7th. Had 30 - 50 minute home workouts on alternate days during the week. My arms hurt like hell. Not sure if the hurting has something to do with the pushups I've been doing or the dumbells I've been working out with.
    2. Healthy eating was OK all week until thursday night when it all went Pete Tong and then continued all weekend. So I suppose my healthy eating days will be four days on, three days off, or five days on and two days off or whatever cos I will start healthy eating again tomorrow. LOL!!
    3. The daily quota of drinking at least 2 litres of water daily has gone quite well. Infact, I've been drinking 1.5 litres of water comfortably without any struggle after my homeworkouts even before leaving for work and the rest during the course of the day at work. Been taking 3 litres daily comfortably to my amazement.
    4. Havent ventured outside yet to run but when I do, I know I'll start from week 1 of the C25K programme just to get in the feel of running once again. No liver to run yet but I'll get round to that - soon.

    Thursday, January 03, 2008

    Happy New Year

    Does anyone (except Abimars) still come here? Even I am guilty of not visiting this blog for quite sometime now talkless of updating it. My excuse? Not much exercise going on in my life. LOL!!
    Happy New Year my friends. May all our hearts desires come true for us in 2008. Cheers.