Tuesday, November 27, 2007

So Long

  1. I cant believe its over 6 weeks since I was here last or published a post. Hello Diary! LOL!!
  2. I started Atkins once again yesterday. Last time I tried it, I lasted for an entire week before stumbling. Lets see how far I'll go this time - Abi, I'm with u all the way on this one oh! LOL!!
  3. I got my Winter running jacket from Flora Marathon yesterday complete with a magazine titled "..sorry not to be..." - that means I didnt get a place in the ballot for April's race and lost out. I was so excited when the postman delivered the jacket. Now I have no excuse not to run. I havent run in over 6 weeks cos - I was just in a mood and feeling sorry for myself (Not a tangible excuse) and all that was going on in my life and the second excuse was that it was just too cooooooooooooooold outside.
  4. My running partner says she was looking for someone else that she thought I didnt like her no more. Yeah Right. LOL! We shall see how the week turns out.


Abimars said...

Yipee..... just dropped by (for some reason your feed isn't updating) So how did your week go? did you run? its sooooooooooooooo cold I'm so glad I have almost finished my program, I've rediscovered Tae-bo and this time I am following the workouts to the letter so if I don't get the treadmill I have been hinting about I may just take a break untill the weather gets better

Abimars said...

Happy new year gal.