Saturday, October 06, 2007

Weekend Run

I have been playing traunt at exercising over a week now. My excuses have always been in the range of "Its too dark outside" or "Its too wet or cold". The weather hadnt helped either with some mornings and evenings being extremely wet last week. That made me even more determined to go out today and run, no matter what time I could muster enough courage and step out.

Finally, at 7.30am, me & RP set out for the run. The weather was OK and so I didnt have to put on the fleece jacket I had carried with me and tied it round my waist instead. I ran to podcast 6 and after 5 minutes, had to stop and catch some breath. The run wasnt bad at all considering that we had slacked for over a week. It was a mixture of walking and running and we made it back home in 45 minutes.

I realise I have to work on my pace. I dont seem to have found a steady one. RP says she tries hard to keep up with me sometimes and I strive hard to keep up with her too. Today, I let her go ahead and was behind her and later on she told me that cos I had let her go ahead, she felt she had to keep up the pace. I didnt realise we were going faster than we could muster but told her to try and keep it steady. I'll try and mark out each mile in our run so I can find out if I run 10minutes per mile or more.

We run at Brighton on Sunday. I entered her in the race as punishment so she could suffer with me seeing that she hasnt been encouraging 'us' to brave the cold for about 10 days now even when we both knew there was an impending race. I share part of the blame too but hey, someone running with me will be great fun rather than going the distance alone with strangers who seem to take off at breathtaking speed at the start, hauling me along with them only for them to leave me behind at the 1km mark and I'll start walking from there like I did at Bluewater. (LB & Vickii inclusive) LOL!! A repeat occurence of another child asking "Why is she walking mummy" with dent my ego no end so with her beside me, we can at least try and maintain our normal training pace. She says there's a possiblility I'll leave her behind after some kilometres like I did at the Race for Life but lets see how it goes.

I did some situps and reverse curls after our run. Getting back into the hang of my home work outs in preparation for our 21 day challenge.

Not sure why blogger wont let my paragraphing come out OK so I put bullet points in between each paragrah. *SCREEEEEAAAAMMMMM!!!!* Thats why I changed my template. I was having problems making the paragraphs come out ok after posting but it seems to be in vain. LB & Abimars - you both use the same template as me. Whats the secret to successful paragraphing?!?!! (smile)


Vickii said...

Hey hun, how are you doing? I've been slacking with my running too ... I went this weekend thank God but before that, I hadn't run for a while.

You know what, unless it's raining, winter is actually really nice to run in because you don't get too hot. We should make a pact that we'll keep up this running over the winter period.

have a lovely week.

Abimars said...

You're definately on a different level! I haven't had any problems with paragraphing maybe cos of my spradic blogging lol, it was so cold this morning I've been sneezing since I finished my run seriously considering joining a gym or getting a threadmill

LondonBuki said...

CG! I can't see half of the text on your blog!!!

Sorry I can't take part in the challenge this week, was ill over the weekend, I will definitely start on Monday next week.

Keep on running :-)

I agree with Vickii, we should agree to run through the winter :-)

Calabar Gal said...

@Vickii: That is so so encouraging. The cold nowadays is horrnedous. On good days, I think of asking to come and run with you & LB and then I remind myself I'll be left behind and had better stick to my RP. LOL!!

I do intend to try and see the winter through. So far, we arent doing badly. Just going out later than usual.

Today, it was raining lightly on our way back from running and I actually felt hot under my fleece jacket. I'm sure passersby must have thout I was crazy walking about in such light clothing in the wet and cold. LOL!!

@Abimars: I wont even bother with the gym. I know I wont find the time for it and the money will go to waste. The paragraghing still comes out bad.

@LB: U cant see half the txt? I've changed it agin. Still searching for the perfect template that wont give me headaches. The othe rone wasnt any better with paragraphs.

Hope you are feeling better now? Monday next week is fine. How was your European trip? I agree with the running over winter. I intend to try my best and not pig out. Keep on reading your winter posts from last year for encouragement. (smile)