Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Second Week of October


We went for our early morning run but have agreed to start later than usual at the first light rather than not going at all. I seem not to be able to go past the initial 5 minute run and seem to be stopping to rest more frequently now. We decided to try a new route today and went back home after 20 minutes. (Thats cause we decided to run round the block near us and gave up afte the third round) LOL!!. Thats the advantage of going far away from home - you've got no choice but to keep on going knowing that home is far away but if you're running round the block, then there is a tendency to give up cos your doorstep is nearby. (smile)


We decided to go to the park for our morning run. The first round was a welcome surprise and we finished the entire lap round the park in approx 6 minutes. A welcome change from those days when I used to go an entire lap in 8 - 11 minutes. The second lap was painful. I couldnt go more than halfway. My waist was crying but I tried a technique I read in one of the various running mags and kept on telling myself I could do it during the third lap. I'll try rubbing Ibuleve round my waist before our early morning run tomorrow to reduce the pain which I suspect could be due to poor posture at my desk at work.

I know I'm not supposed to run everyday but then, the exercises have not been so intensive - one excuse or the other. Besides, we have the Brighton race to look forward to and I pray this waist doesent act up. My last running day will be on Friday.


Today's run was easier than yesterday. Put some Ibuleve on my back as a precautionary measure and it turned out OK - no pains at all that werent unbearable like yesterday's run. I've discovered that I start my runs at a pace thats too fast and thats why I've not lasted beyond 5 minutes earlier this week. At a slower pace, today's run was good and we spent about 40 minutes running round the park.


  • Thought we would be able to do some exercise today but I overslept. So we ended up not running. Will try and do some home workouts before the end of today to make up for it. My meals are coming out OK. Sticking to them strictly.


  • My meals went OK. I didnt exercise on Friday and Saturday cos of the race. Then I ended up not going for the race either. My very first 'no show' race but it wasnt through any fault of mine - ok just that I trusted my 'driver' too much and when I finally realised he wasnt going to show up and take us to Brighton as promised, it was too late for us to start heading out to take the train. Its all good though. Next time, I'll only rely on ME to get to any of my races and not on another human being. I was very angry earlier on in the day but my anger has waned now. There'll be several more races in future and he wont even be a part of the plan to get there. Once bitten..... LOL!!


LondonBuki said...

So is the brighton race on Saturday or Sunday...?

Calabar Gal said...

Its on Sunday. We shall see what happens on that day. LOL!

LondonBuki said...

How was it????

Calabar Gal said...

It was a 'no show'. Didnt go in the end.