Sunday, September 30, 2007

Last Week of September

I havent been so religious in posting in this blog anymore. I dont know why. This past week was really good as I didnt cheat the entire week but dont know why I didnt post anything about my progress either.

Our morning runs have been OK. We both run with a day of rest in between each run and although my pace and stamina fell badly after the rest I had after my Bluewater 10KM race, I've been trying to build it up all over again. I'm not yet back to the form I was before the Bluewater race but I'm getting there - slow and steady. LOL!! The Hyde Park race I went just for the fun of it not that I was really fit. On good days, we complete our runs in 37 - 40 minutes. My pace is faster now too when we run - there was a time during our run one day when I was tired and decided to slow down and that was when I realised how far I had come as the pace I had slowed down to, I now realise used to be the 'normal' pace I used to run at previously.

The only snag now is that the mornings are so cold when we come out that it takes a lot of courage to still stay out and complete the run and not run back into the warmth of our various homes. What, oh what will I do when the winter months and cold comes proper?!?!?!? We run again tomorrow and hopefully, will run on wednesday and friday too. Hope I'll have a good report.

I'm looking forward to the 21 day challenge. Apart from my 3-4 day a week run, I no longer seem to be as enthusiastic about my home work out as much as I used to be and reading through LB's "21 day challenge" posts actually makes me look forward to exercising with you all from the 8th.


Abimars said...

Hiya, pls stop by my blog to receive your award, lol wots this challenge all about can I join in?

princesa said...

Abeg dont lose steam o!
I havnt seen you on my blog CG. Wetin happen na...we dey quarell??