Tuesday, September 11, 2007

2nd Week of September


Our run today was 38 minutes - not all in one go but its a start. Homework our for 40 minutes after. I could feel my muscles hurting so I stopped. Dont know why I've slacked so much about updating my diaries. Maybe its cos I'm so careful not to log on at work and then get home so tired there's little or no time to sit at the PC. My meals - Kimkins is too harsh so I'm sticking to Atkins.


Day of Rest.


Our run today was good. It seems my pace is increasing a little bit although I dont run at the faster pace for long periods of time before I resort to a slower pace. Our run today lasted 36.9 minutes. Good, Good, Good. My meals - dont even go there. (smile)


Abimars said...

Hi CG, yeah Kimkins is harsh O! Atkins is definately more doable

LondonBuki said...

Hello! How was the hydro active women's race?