Sunday, September 02, 2007

1st Week of September


Now I believe wholeheartedly what they say about the weight going back on once you stop your yo-yo diet. My intention was to start all over again on the 1st of September and so I weighed myself on Thursday in preparation for the start of the 'Big Fight' - my weight was 89.4kg. On Friday morning, I stepped on the scales again and it read 90.4kg. So the fight begins today all over again - KIMKINS.

Today was our day of rest since we ran yesterday. Had a 30 minute home workout instead. KIMKINS starts today and I'll try not to cheat. It is for my own good afterall. Reading those success stories on the web makes it seem so easy - 20lbs gone in 2 weeks, 10lbs gone in a week, 16lbs gone in 10 days. What makes these people so different that their weight drops of so fast and mine stalls for so long? LOL!!

My meals today has been mostly roast chicken that I've got prepared specially for the occassion. I have had some cucumbers today too and not so sure I should have done that. Should have been only meat, fish and eggs - for the Kimmer Experiment which is like the induction phase of Atkins. Oh - and I had some scrambled eggs too today and 2 litres of Water.


Our run today was good. I had been experiencing some lack of stamina and suspected it was due to not takin gmy energy drink. So today I had one can before the run and everything was back to normal just like the good old days prior to my backsliding after the 10km run. We finished in 42 minutes. Podcast 3 was a lot, lot easier than the runs during the past week.

Kimmer Experiment says I should have only chicken & fish and thats all I've had today so far.


Today was our day of rest and so home workout either. I did drink 1.5 litres of Water and had some sausages & chicken in the morning and then was so busy at work and filled up with water during the day, didnt remember to eat and then had some roast chicken for dinner. This was my most succesful day ever - no snacks in between. LOL!!


Home workout for 45minutes. My meals were OK. All protein.


Today I know I cheated. Took double dose of laxatives. No exercise.


I weighed myself today. 1kg less. Didnt run today. Should do so tomorrow. My meals were OK too - no cheating. I've got a week to my Hyde Park race now.


Day of Rest.


Our run today was 37 minutes which was good although we didnt do it all in one go. Had a 40 minute work out after.


Rest, Rest, Rest.


Abimars said...

you go gal, I'm cheering you all the way

princesa said...

Hey CG!
I havnt been here in a long while, sorry about that.

U added some more kgs!! Anyway dont give up still. The weight must surely go away whether it likes it or not??
Am sure you feel healthier tho with all that workout.
BTW, whats this Kimmer diet all about??

U blocked your other blog. Why now??

Calabar Gal said...

My other blog will be made open by the end of next week. Just wanted to go through it and customize one or two things. So its not gone for ever. (smile) Cheers.

LittleGirlLost said...

Hi Calabar,

I have been awful. I even hated the site of my food blog. It just reminded me how I'd failed. Honestly. I have also gained 5kg and I don't know what to do now. I've just bought some apple cider tabs to help with my metabolism and will be starting again. When I do start again that's when I'll start food blogging again. For now it's all gone to the dogs.

LondonBuki said...

Hey CG... I've been kinda away from blogging..

How are you doing? I trust you'll get everything under control again ;-)

Take care of yourself...

LondonBuki said...

Oh... just saw on the Run London site - they're taking this year off - NO RUN LONDON THIS YEAR...

Abimars said...


How'z it going?