Tuesday, August 21, 2007

4th Week of August


Sinning can cause a lot of havoc to your metabolism. Two weeks of rest & sinning and I have added 3kg. My weight now stands at 89.7kg. LOL!! Me & my running partner were supposed to start serious business - running today but when I woke up, I couldnt find my exercise bra. Hunted all over - no luck. She had to go without me. LOL!!

Our meals: We agreed to go on a fruit & salad regime. Dont want to say diet. (Smile) I had pistachio's and cherries all day at work and then had a hot meal of beans & plantain for dinner. (which she dosent know I had) We're supposed to be having only fruits & vegetables since she has added 4kg & I had added 3kg. Lets see how the rest of the week goes.


My first day of running after what seems like - forever. I couldnt run past 6oom and had to stop and walk. So today was a mixture of small bouts of 2 minutes jogging and 6 minutes walking. I couldnt even stick to running to Podcast 7. Note to self: Go back to podcast 2, 3 or 4. LOL!! We finished our route in 47 minutes though. Well, when we walked most of the way, what do you expect? LOL!! I'm hoping that my body would have snapped back to normal by saturday. We run again on Thursday.


  • Pistachhio Nuts
  • Bowl of Water Melon
  • Ewa & Dodo


  • Pistachhio Nuts
  • Water Melon
  • Some carbs & stuff. LOL!!

My hydor active race pack came in the post today. Yipee!! Abimars - are yu serious or still wavering? Read in the race magazine the london event is fully booked.


  • The fact that my race pack came yesterday was a reminder that I have to wake up from my slumber and get active once again. Got a race in 3 weeks. Yikes! LOL!!
  • Too wet & windy today so we didnt go. I just ran round my block once. What a start. Lazy, lazy.


Abimars - you wont believe it. I'm back to running to wk 3 with you and I couldnt even last 120 seconds on the 3 minute runs. LOL!! That's what slacking has done to me. But at least we went out and sweated a bit today and I'm glad about that. It can only get better from here as long as we stay dedicated. Got a race in 3 weeks. yikes! LOL!!

Did some weight training today too after about 3 weeks hiatus. That was cos I had given out my dumbells & books to my friends in a bid to get them to train too and only just got them back. Trained for about 3o minutes but no crunches. Too lazy to get on the floor. (smile)

I hope we run again tomorrow.


We ran again today. Labourious run to Podcast 3. Hope to snap out of it soon. But the run was good as we sweated loads. Did a 30 minute homework out.


My day of rest. No exercise. As for the fruit & salad regime, down the drain. LOL!! Still have half the water melon I bought still waiting for me in the fridge. I've added the little weight I lost which I suspected was mostly water weight. Thinking of starting atkins all over again on the 1st of september. We shall see. No one said it would be easy. LOL!!


moi said...

Lol :) I thought it was just me, I have been sooooo bad these last 2 weeks. One excuse after the other not to run and to eat all sorts of junk! Was supposed to resume the running today but its raining! I hope I can snap back into being a good girl. Anyway like I always say slow and steady wins the race. Hopefully next time I come back I'll have good news about being back on track. Take care, Have a wonderful week!

Abimars said...

I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry, I wavered and lost out.I had the closing date in mind and kept on procrastinating (nothing new there)
That week three is a killer, but it wasnt like that the first time, it was a breeze, its always the second 3 min run that gets me I just cant finish and stop running although i've just discovered the route I take i end up running uphill for it so tomorrow I'm gonna change the route and see how it goes

Vickii said...

Just keep persevering CG ... you'll lose the weight. And don't forget your scales are not an accurate judge of how slim and trim you have become, judge by your clothes! Like I told you, you look great!!

Well done on all the exercise you've been doing ... I have to admit I've been slacking, working out on average twice a week. As soon as I get back from holiday I'll get back on track!

Abimars said...

Sent you an email