Monday, August 06, 2007

2nd Week of August


Two weeks ago, I decided to be very careful and watch my intake and it worked and I was dropping approx 1kg each week. Thats the good news I said I had to share sometime ago. However when it got to the second week, everything stalled again and I despaired and swung into the icecream in the freezer with anger. (smile) So this week, I'm back on a 5 day induction. That should suffice seeing that I've been on several other inductions. (smile)

Our early morning run today was good. We ran our 6km route in 53 minutes - all in one lap. Well, thats cos we ran quite slowly but its a start. I was quite happy with our performance. If I can keep up that pace and not be intimidated by others, I could make it to the finish line on saturday in 90 minutes. LOL!! Home workout later on consisted mainly of lunges and squats. Will run again on Wednesday - long run.


There's this guy at the office that keeps pistachio's in the kitchen for everyone to help themselves. I've become adicted to them. LOL!! Today was my day of rest. I run tomorrow & thursday.


Our run this morning was good. I've been running to Podcasts 7 and 8 for some days now and making mental notes in preparation for sunday's race. It is holding on Sunday and not Saturday like I thought previously. Our 6km route was finished today in 48 minutes. We shaved 5 minutes off Monday's run/time. Yipee! We run again on Friday.


Day of rest and sin - foodwise. LOL!! My race pack and champion chip arrived today. My only problem now is how to get to Dartford/Greenhithe before 7am. Most likely option will be to sleep in the South on Saturday night. *Sigh*


Today's run was so and so. Full of hiccups & breaks unlike our runs on mon and wed. First of all, due to the fact that there will be free lucozade sports drinks on sunday as promised by the organisers, I decided to try some today to see how my body reacts to the drink adhering to the golden rule: "Dont try anything new on the race day". (Ok, I confess, you're supposed to take the drink at least 1 hour before running and I had mine only 5 - 7 minutes before running but its supposed to 'boost' your run isnt it?) Well, thank God for that. (Wisdom in trying the drink before race day) 5 minutes into the run, this incredible thirst started. What!?!?!! When I had a cold drink (lucozade sport) before leaving home? The thirst lasted the entire run. It was horrible and uncomfortable. And my body was moving that fast either. It wasnt moving at all! Kept on taking so many breaks and was wondering what was wrong. So much for the drink being a thirst quencher - it brought on the thirst in my case! I'll stick to my diet kick on race day. It loves me and dosent give me unforgivable thirsts. LOL!!

We finished the run in 51 minutes. Not as good as wednesday's run or time but better than Monday's time. I have been running about 6km daily and so on that day, wont kill myself if my body can bear it no more after the 6km mark. I intend to rest between the 7km & 8km mark and then run the rest of the way to the finishing line. Did I say run? Sorry, I meant jog the rest of the way to the finishing line. LOL!!


I have been looking up race times on the internet of other runners - looking up the times they finished their very first 10km races. Everyone seems to have finished thier first 10km race between 40 - 65 minutes. Yeah! To think I am aiming for 90 minutes. LOL!! We shall see what happens. Right now, the important thing for me is to finish the race - finish the race in less than 90 minutes that is.


I'm trying to compose a proper post on the race. Running a 10km race isnt beans. LOL!! Whoever said the course was fast and flat needs double vision lenses. Finished in 84 minutes I think. Still waiting for official time. Read about the race HERE.


LondonBuki said...

Go CG :-)

I have a stupid cough right now, it came from nowhere so I am not exercising till it's cleared up.

I'll be back... have a good week and say hi to RP.

moi said...

Slow and steady wins the race. I'm sure you'll do well. All the best!