Monday, July 02, 2007

1st Week of July

  • Brunch - Chicken Pieces
  • Snack - Atkins Crunch Bar
  • Dinner - Plantain Porridge
  • Snack - Avocado
  • 2 Litres of Water

I was planning to go running this evening but my butt and thighs hurt as if all my other runs have not been the same 5km distance I ran yesterday. So I'm giving today and tomorrow's home workouts and running a miss. Will start all over again on Wednesday or Thursday. Havent weighed myself yet but will do so before this week is over.


  • You wouldnt want to know I sinned to the MAX! Lol!!

I guess if one dosent post for sometime, then it means the person was cheating. Well that was true. I woke up on the wrong side of bed on tuesday and when the first carb passed thru my lips, decided to give my body a break or a treat and indulge in carbs a little and did I indulge - Breakfast, lunch and dinner + snacks for 2 good days! Didnt take any sennakot either and my ketostix were surprisingly still pink. Maybe they're bad (the ketostix) or my body has just refused to recognise the presence of carbs? Who knows. LOL!!


  • Breakfast - Omlette
  • Lunch - Salad

I'm back to normal and Atkins now. Depression and indulgence over. We finally ran today after a long hiatus. It was good. Finished our route in 50 minutes although we both felt so rusty and our knees were aching. We were both consoling each other that tomorrow will be better. Did a 30 minute workout afterwards. I finally weighed myself today. Progress since last weigh in - nil. Maybe I have been building muscle cos my arms seemed so muscular in my pictures. I was complaining to my RP about my woes and she recommended fat burning tablets - Thermobol that Atkins dosent agree with everyone. So maybe that may be my next move - taking the fat burning tablets and dieting as well. I havent lost any KG or IIBS at all!!


We went running this morning on our 5km route and made it back in 48 minutes which wasnt bad at all. We're resting over the weekend and starting training again on Monday. I dont think I'll put up any posts this weekend. Thats most likely cos I'll be eating whatever I like. Sticking strictly to the rules will start again on Monday.

Buki and Vickii hope your race went well. Hey, pls do let me know how to register for the Run London race. I'm interested and there dosent seem to be any entry form on their website.


moi said...

Well done CG!!!! Congrats on your race and more speed with the many more to come :) You certainly do not look fat and you look very nice and fit!!!!

LondonBuki said...

You ran harder than you usually do so your body felt it... get your well deserved rest :-)

Well done again!

LondonBuki said...

CG... tell me about Plantain Porridge please.

moi said...

Those podcasts are AWESOME!!!

Calabar Gal said...

@Moi: Do I? hehehe (blushing smile) We all have Abimars to thank for those podcasts. I am enjoying running to them myself.

@Buki: Thats true. There were fewer minutes of rest during the race unlike b4 when we would have about 5-8 minutes of rest in between running. We start again tomorrow - if we can both get up from our beds that is. (smile)

moi said...

I'm sure you've lost lots of inches and most importantly are more fit and healthy than you were before. Just keep at it and the pounds will come off eventually. Well done!!!

LondonBuki said...

Hey :-)

Thanks for checking up on me... I finished the 10k race in just under 1 hour 6 minutes :-( I wanted to do much better but it didn't happen... Next time though :-) Vickii didn't register for this one, she's taking part in the next one in August...

RunLondon - I did a little research and registration starts on the 17th of this month... I'll remind you when the day comes.

Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Calabar Gal said...

@Moi: Thanks. I will keep at it until I win. Thats exactly what I keep telling myself too.

@LB: Thanks for the info on the Run London event. I'm praying the race will be in October. Not keen on taking on a 10km race before my 8km race at the end of sept.