Tuesday, July 31, 2007

1st Week of August


Running was good. Made it back to our starting point in 39 minutes. Home Work out later on for 90 minutes. I'll stop writing about my food until things get better. I'm cheating heavily with ice cream right now. I'm not boasting - infact, I'm hiding my head in shame. (smile)


Day of Rest


Our run this morning was 42 minutes. RP was full of energy and it was hard keeping up with her. I was abusing her in my heart and each time I strove to catch up with her, my pace would slip again and she would keep on going ahead and increase the distance between us again and I would have to try and keep up with her once more. I told her so (that I was abusing her in my heart) when we got to a railway crossing and had to wait for the trains to pass. She told me thats how she was abusing me too on Monday when I was full of energy. LOL! We run again on Friday. For my home work out, I think I'll just do some squats and lunges. Not enough time to do all the others.


  • 3km walk


  • I think I should be out of my recalcitrancy by next week - Monday at most.

I got tired of waiting for registration/entries for the Nike RunLondon 07 to open so I could enter for the race. I had wanted that to be my very first 10km race but up till now, there isnt any information on when that race will take place or when registration starts either and so, I, on the spur of the moment entered for this race. The race organisers had been sending email reminders to my mailbox for the past month that entries were closing soon and it was my last opportunity to enter and all that..... Somehow, I just couldnt resist the lure anymore.

So that is going to be my very first 10km race and it takes place on Sunday in 8 days time & I havent been training for it!! Oh dear, Oh dear!! LOL! Have to increase my running to 1 hour daily runs at least this coming week. I'm excited and apprehensive - all over again just like during my first 5km race. LOL!! There's always the walking option if it gets too tough. (smile)


We'll be going on long runs the entire length of this coming week. Today's run was the first of the long runs series. I ran 2 laps of 3km each, with each lap taking 30 minutes . Made me question seriously the wiseness of entering for that 10km race on saturday when I've never run more than 6km but lets see how it goes. Filled in my marathon forms. All that remains is to post it. Hoping secretly I wont get a place. LOL!!


  • Day of Rest


LondonBuki said...

LOL! Make sure you tell RP, well done from me :-)

Well done CG, PLEASE we are allowed to cheat once in a while :-)

Abimars said...

Hiya, thanks for looking out for me, got a lot of stuff going on right now, will be back soon

LittleGirlLost said...

I am back. I was just too ashamed to show my carbohydrate scoffing face. About that run, I won't be in the country on that date but I may join you guys on any future runs after that.
Keep up the good work.