Monday, June 18, 2007

3rd Week of June

MONDAY No exercise today. Was terribly busy so I couldnt go. I'm not sure I may make it tomorrow either. My race pack for my July 1st race arrived today. The days are drawing nigh just as I'm getting incredibly busy. YEAH!!!! LOL!!!
  • Lunch, Dinnner - the usual. Sennakot will always help when I go wrong. I'm trying to caution myself not to make it too much of a habit.


  • Breakfast - Omelette
  • Lunch - Soup
  • Dinner - Brocolli
  • Snack - Cheese Slices
  • 3 Litres of Water

Did my home workout today while watching Big Brother. Tried to alternate btw the lunges and crunches - 30 minutes and the dumbell exercises - 30 minutes. Those walking lunges and wide leg squats just take all the energy out of you. We went out after my exercises to buy some stuff from the supermarket (me and hubby are midnight owls) and I could feel the pain in my thighs as we went down the staircase. It was almost as if my legs and thighs were collapsing under me from the strain of the home work out.


Home workout made up of the following:-

30 reverse curls, 20 walking lunges, 20 basic crunches, 20 tricep dips, 20 wide leg squats, 20 lateral raises, 20 single arm curls, 20 hammer curls, 20 glute raises, 50 bicep curls as well as alternating bicep curls, single arm shoulder press, 20 single arm lateral raise, and 20 lateral raises. Those lateral raises are painful! Those walking lunges also. Once you start, you can feel the strain on your muscles. Notsure if 'strain' the right word but thats what came to my mind)

It is a struggle remembering what exercises to do next - they are so diverse but I'm loving it. I'm thinking which is the best time for the home workout - first thing in the mmorning to kickstart my metabolism or last thing at night. The morning is dicey - if I do the homework out first, then there may not be enough time to go running and then start preparing to get to work on time.!!

  • Breakfast - Plain Omelette
  • Snack - Avocado
  • Lunch - Chicken Pieces
  • Snack - Avocado
  • Dinner - Gizzard
  • 2.5 Litres of Water

I am in serious pain. Just took some painkillers. My thighs hurts, my butt hurts, everywhere HURTS! No more home work outs for me until tomorrow evening. LOL!!


  • Breakfast - Scrambled Eggs
  • Lunch - Salad
  • Dinner - Gizzard and some beans
  • 2 Litres of Water

Didnt have the energy to do my home workouts. Even though I've taken double doses of painkillers. I still ache. Lets see how tomorrow goes.


  • Breakfast - Beans
  • Lunch - Beans
  • Dinner -
  • 2 Litres of Water

I'm planning on going power walking this evening. Been neglecting my running but I have been in pain and quite busy too. Nothing like watching killer celebrity bodies on "Most Wanted Sexiest Bodies" on TMF to push you into starting your own workout. LOL!! The celebrities all talked about low carb, high protein diets and weight training whipping them into shape and they made lunges look so easy!

Did my weight training for 50 minutes:

30 single arm lateral raises on each arm and 20 lateral raises, 50 wide leg squats, 20 tricep dips, 50 glute raises on each leg, 50 bicep curls, 50 single arm shoulder press on each arm and 50 single arm bent over row on each arm, 50 upright rows, 50 seated bicep curls on each arm. Havent had the liver to do any lunges just yet.

CRUNCHES - 30 minutes: 50 reverse curls, 10 oblique knee pulls, 50 situps, 20 basic crunches, 20 oblique crunches. No running today. Tomorrow definetely - pain or no pain.


RP and I went running today. It was good and after about 30 minutes, could have gone on all day long. LOL!! Indeed! We finished our 6km route in 60 minutes. Our times were:

  • 1.61 km - 14 minutes
  • 0.73 km - 6 minutes
  • 1.72 km - 17 minutes
  • 1.05 km - 9 minutes

Back home, did a little 30 minute work out :- 50 tricep dips, 50 single arm should press on each arm, 50 single arm bent over row on each arm, 50 hammer curls, 10 lateral raises and 20 single arm raises on each arm. Lets see how tomorrow goes. Will do the rest later on in the evening.

SUNDAY We didnt go running today. RP was in pain and I was still feeling sleepy. LOL!! Did my homeworkouts for about 40 minutes. Loads of seated bicep curls, tricep dips, crunches and sit ups. Even push ups for beginners too. Food - Dont even go there. Got some stuff in the freezer its just the reluctance to get up and make edible and acceptable things. My ketostix is still fine and pink.


LondonBuki said...

Wow... July 1st is next week Sunday! It's almost here!

Let us know if you'd like some support, ok?

Take it easy.

Calabar Gal said...

Ha, Buki,

Pls dont make me scared! Next week sunday ke? Is that how your enthusiasm is doing you?!?!! LOL!! July 1st is still 2 sundays away. Thanks for offering but I'll draw you back seriously. My speed and stamina is still not up to standard. (running with others at Regents Park has taught me that) Will take it as it comes on that day - mixture of walking and running. The organisers have stipulated that it is ok however we choose to go about the race as long as we finish in under 1hr and I know with a mixture of walking and running, I can do it in less than an hr. We shall see how it goes on that day though.

LondonBuki said...

CG, it is next week Sunday jare... LOL!. It is less than 2 weeks away!

LondonBuki said...

CG... you want to do a home workout then run on the same day? Sounds like a lot!!!

How long do these home workouts take?

Calabar Gal said...

@LB: Still trying to find the best time to fit it into my everyday schedule. Yesterday evening's workout was 1 hour and this was cos I was doing it in front of the TV and had nowhere to go to except my bed.

This morning was just about 40 minutes before I started my routine for the day. Just trying to figure out which time is best. Since it(d home workout) does wonders for metabolism, was thinking the mornings would be perfect so it could kickstart my metabolism. But the kind of pain I am in, I have realised I cant run and then come back and do homework out or do the work out first, and then go out to run.

May end up doing it evenings alone. What do you think? Noticed that on days you workout, you dont run.

LondonBuki said...

I am trying to do all my exercises(running, training and home workouts) in the morning cos they wake me up and ofcourse the whole metabolism and energy talk.

I don't workout and run on the same day because I think that's too much stress for my body.

If you find it hard to do both on the same day(which is expected , maybe you should stick to one and make it intense... do you know what I mean? Work harder than you normally would for a few minutes. You should push yourself, ofcourse but you shouldn't hurt yourself... doing both a day might do that.

If you decide to stick to one a day, then if mornings are convenient... maybe do mornings?

Vickii said...

Well done CG, I'm so impressed with your committment and all the exercise you're doing ... I'm going to take a leaf out of your book because as Buki can tell you, I've been slacking a bit!

There's nothing like those 'sexiest bodies' shows on E to motivate me to eat my 5 a day and work out!

Good luck with your race on sunday!!

Calabar Gal said...

@LB: I've decided that whenever I can snatch time in a day, I will. Better than not doing them at all.

@Vickii: True Talk Vickii!! Very intimidating. LOL!! Take a leaf out of my book?!?!?! When I'm busy stealing leaves from urs and buki's? LOL!! I'm looking forward to the race on Sunday.

Abimars said...

Thanks for your encouraging comments, and good luck with your race I'm thinking of registering for the 5km hydro active womens race I've started induction now so wish me luck, whats the deal with sennakot?