Monday, May 28, 2007

Last Week of May


I got confirmation yesterday that indeed I am loosing inches off my body. There's this pin striped trouser suit I've had for sometime which I love so much but havent worn the jacket for about 18 months (although I've still been rocking the bottom) cos my arms wouldnt go through the Jacket anymore and when they did, strained against the fabric obviously. Well, yesterday, I had a baby christening to attend and I decided to try it on and the arms were perfectly OK and there was even so much allowance beneath the jacket that I was able to wear a shirt also. (This is a jacket that I couldnt even wear with a sleeveless top previously cos my arms were too FAT!!) LOL!!

So when I woke up this morning, I decided to go back to my place of humble beginings (the park near my house) to see how much improvement there was in my running. I had been running a different route since I started running with my running partner. I ran all the way to the park and around its boundaries up till the target I had set for myself and was happy with my progress. I then walked back to the park and decided to see how far I could go running within it before I stopped for breath. I went round the park 4 times and ran for 33 minutes non stop! I was so happy! Remembering how I used to look enviously at other runners in the park who had loads of stamina and I was struggling to run for 3 minutes non-stop then, this was such welcome progress. (Check out my times beneath. ) Then I ran all the way back home elated.

  • Run to the Park - 1.93KM - 16 minutes
  • Run Within the Park - 4.08KM - 33 minutes
  • Run back home - 2.06KM - 19 minutes

I'll rest on Tuesday and go running again on Wednesday. 150 Situps.

  • Breakfast - Avocado
  • Lunch - Barbeque Chicken Pieces
  • Snack - Cucumber Pieces
  • Dinner - Soup
  • 2.5 Litres of Water


  • Breakfast - Scrambled Eggs and BBQ Chicken Piece
  • Snack - An Avocado
  • Lunch - Soup
  • Snack - Cucumber
  • 2 Litres of Water


  • Breakfast - Hot Dogs
  • Snack - Avocado
  • Lunch - Beef
  • Snack - Avocado + Chicken Pieces
  • Dinner - Soup
  • 3 Litres of Water

Was able to do 100 situps today. Didnt exercise - too much work to do. Will wait until friday then run with my partner.


  • Breakfast - Hot Dogs
  • Snack - Avocado
  • Lunch -
  • 2 Litres of Water

Between last night and today, I have had a couple of bars of chocolate. Naughty I know but I told myself I deserved it - my treat and it can only delay ketosis for some days while I'm still keeping to my energetic regime so it cant be all bad. Just had to confess so I wont seem hypocritical writing that I'm eating all the good stuff only when I'm cheating on the side. Weigh in is tomorrow. I wont feel bad if I still havent lost any KG at all cos I know there is a difference and I've lost inches instead.

Evening Run:

  • 1st lap - 2.45KM - 20 minutes
  • 2nd lap - 1.34 KM - 15 minutes
  • 3rd lap - 1.23KM - 10 minutes

The first lap was OK. I had set my mind on trying to run at least 2km each lap before stopping. (I had mapped out a 6km route) About 1KM into the run, the police had blocked the road and werent allowing anyone pass by where they were set up - I think they were there to make an arrest. They asked me to cross over and I jogged on the spot in front of them to show off a little before the road was clear and I crossed. One of them even said "Dont stop love, you'll get cramps if you do". In my heart I laughed out loud - if only they knew that I stop at will when my body can take the pain no more. LOL!!

My second lap was a bit sporadic. I could barely keep up after the first 10 minutes and got very tired. Stopped a little bit after that and walked instead. My last lap - I just had to summon up courage and run all the way back home. I'm running tomorrow morning with my partner - didnt go with her this evening.


Went running this morning. All I can say is we were sweating buckets! It felt good though when we finished - as usual. Thank God the sun wasnt up yet. Would hate to run when its terribly hot. Our times:

  • 1st lap - 1.87km - 13 minutes
  • 2nd Lap - 1.90km - 19 minutes
  • 3rd Lap - 1.05km - 9 minutes

The start was laborious as usual. Then after we had walked for about 7 minutes and rested, we took off on the second lap which was way, way better. We then walked for about 9 minutes after the second lap and then started off on the third lap. The third lap was a breeze too. Our entire route was 6.03km and we completed it in 57 minutes. Lets see how it will go tomorrow.

About the weigh in, I think I may have lost only approx. 1KG or to make myself feel good - 2.2lbs. LOL!! I jumped on my friends scale yesterday. (stopped by her place during my evening run) The scale said 86.4KG. I didnt want to go to the GP cos most likely I'll get the same measurement since the GP's scale gave me the same measurement as hers last month. The last time I was at the GP's, the nurse saw the look of dissapointment on my face and asked me if I was on a diet and advised me to give my body sometime to allow the weight drop off before coming back to weigh myself. So I am consoled by the fact that I am loosing inches (My pin-striped jacket can attest to that) and that the weight will drop off eventually. Tentatively, my next weigh in is July 2.


Induction starts again today. I'll try to be more sincere to myself and not cheat this month. Didnt go running with my RP(running partner) cos our bodies are still aching from our friday run. We've decided to have a day of rest each time we run so we'll be running from now on, on Fridays, Sundays and Tuesdays. Every other day na jara. lol!

I read on the net that there is some sort of free training that takes place at Nike Town on Mondays by 6pm for female runners of all abilities training for races. There are some warm up exercises first and then everyone goes on a 3 mile or 5 mile run around the city and back to Nike Town. I intend to go and see what goes on there pretty soon.

  • Meals - I had scrambled eggs for breakfast and roast chicken mostly for the rest of the entire day. I'm drinking 3 litres of water easily now and still feeling thirsty. Have to caution myself not to drink too much.


I got a bit of a cramp or pain in my right calf (not sure which one it was) just after we started our run and so my running was hindered a little bit today. My RP did very well today. She completed the entire route in two laps and left me behind and I had to try and keep up with her. Our times or rather my time was:

  • 1st lap - 2.06KM - 16 minutes
  • 2nd Lap - 2.46 KM - 25 minutes
  • 3rd Lap - 0.74KM - 4 minutes

At this stage, I was getting pretty tired and my calf was hurting but my RP was still rearing to go so I asked her to leave me behind and she ran the remaining 1.51km all the way home non stop!! Me, I rested and walked down our route for about 7 minutes and then completed the remaining distance of about 0.74KM in 4 minutes. RP's time today was better as she finished in less than 57 minutes but I just barely made it to the finishing line in 59 minutes. We run again on Tuesday.

  • Meals - I'm trying to stick to scrambled eggs and roast chicken right now. When I tire, I'll switch to something else or face my meals which are still in the freezer waiting for me.


LondonBuki said...

Congrats on losing inches and your progress with running... well done you!

Very soon you'll be going for 1 hour runs more than once a week!

Well done!

Calabar Gal said...

I know!! I'm getting there gradually - the 1hour runs. Will let you guys know when that feat is achieved.

Vickii said...

Hey hun, Well done on running 33 minutes non stop ... that is a feat! You should be proud!

See, this is why you should judge your weightloss by your clothes ... you have to have lost a significant amount of inches to now fit into that jacket, it's a great feeling, bet you were beaming throughout the christening!

Waffarian said...

Well done calabar girl, sorry for being away, my thoughts were with you though, Oh girl, wanted to tell you, start doing some weightlifting, you'll lose inches and lose more weight! I have gone down 3 dress sizes, and its not the kilos, its my body, please, start as soon as possible, I promise you will not regret!

Calabar Gal said...

@vickii: It felt good. I couldnt believe it was me running. I even started jumping up in the air and doing a jiggly dance and song while jogging.

At the christening, in my heart I was beaming and saying to myself that even if the KG isnt dropping off, the inches are. (smile)

@Waffarian: I've got buying dumbells in my sight. Been planning to get them for sometime now, just havent got round to doing that yet. Will definetely get some next week.

LondonBuki said...

I've been waiting for you to update o!

Well done on the INCH and WEIGHT loss :-)

Keep it up! :-)

LittleGirlLost said...

Im with you there. Next weigh in July 2. My induction started yesterday as well.

LittleGirlLost said...

@Calabar - I bought my six online ( and they are urinalysis reagent strips...they are used by diabetics to check ketones and glucose levels.
Apparently you can get them in chemists like boots but they may ask you a few questions like are you diabetic etc...

LondonBuki said...

CG... do you stretch after you go running?

Calabar Gal said...

Nowadays, No unfortunately. We used to do some squats after running but recently, they've been dispensed with maybe due to the fact that our run normally starts and ends in front of my house so I just pop indoors and go and have a bath.

I read how to do those squats in ur archives but I guess my problem is visualizing them so I can do them properly.

Calabar Gal said...

@LGL: I have an idea of what those sticks are. My dad used to have loads of them at home and used to test his urine with them. We threw them all away!! I'll check out the website as well as boots. Cheers.

LondonBuki said...

You need to stretch your calf muscles, the back and front of your thighs... your arms as well.

I'll try and find a website that describes it very well. If you get the Fit for Your Shape book, there are a lot of stretches detailed at the back of the book.