Tuesday, May 08, 2007

2nd Week of May

  • Breakfast - Fried Egg
  • Lunch - Fish
  • Snack - Chicken Pieces
  • Dinner - Cowleg
  • 3.5 Litres of Water

I tried out the run 3 minutes, walk 10 minutes routine today. I think I did that about 5 times and also ran some spurts of 1 minute runs in between. I kept on wondering why I couldnt last 3 minutes during the one minute run and then discovered that my steps were too long and fast and thats why my stamina didnt last the duration of the intended three minutes. It was so much easier when my running partner was beside me on Saturday and Sunday or was my inability to keep running to up to three minutes consistently due to the fact that she wasnt there to pace me?!?!?! I'll keep on trying the 3 minute run, 10 minute walk technique for the rest of the week and hopefully, the runs will get better and easier as the week progresses.

Did 100 situps today too. Right now, I can still feel my tummy muscles protesting.


  • Breakfast - Nil
  • Lunch - Nil
  • Dinner - Lemon Chicken, Spare Ribs, Brocolli in Garlic Sauce, Aubergines, Baked Pork, Beef Flank in curry sauce, Chicken in curry sauce - to answer your question - Yes, I went to a Chinese Buffet. LOL!!
  • 1.5 litres of Water

I wore my weights for about 7 hours gallivanting round the city so that amounts to some form of exercise innit?!?!?!?! LOL!! Did 100 situps also.


  • Breakfast - Nil
  • Brunch - Fried Egg
  • Lunch - Fish
  • Dinner - to be decided
  • 2.5 Litres of Water so far

100 situps. Running today was improved. Consisted of this:- Run 5 minutes, Walk 8 -10 minutes - 5 times. I was surprised myself. Maybe it was the Energy drink I drank before I started the runs but whatever it is, I hope I improve daily. That 5km in July must come into fruition.


  • Brunch - Omelette
  • Lunch - Chicken soup
  • Dinner - Beef
  • 3 Litres of Water

100 Situps. Despite the fact that I drank a can of my energy drink before setting out this evening, my body just refused to budge and couldnt run more than 1 - 2 minutes each time no matter how hard I tried. Wonder if it had anything to do with the fact that I didnt pop any painkillers before going to bed last night? Thanks to Run London, I now know my normal route is 5.23km so I decided to power walk instead and covered the route in 50 minutes then decided to add an extra 2.5 km power walking to make up for the fact that I didnt do much running today. The 2.5 km was completed in another 20 minutes. Maybe tomorrow will be better?


  • Brunch - Chicken Pieces and 2 sausages
  • Dinner - Fish
  • Snack - Strawberries
  • 2 Litres of Water

100 Situps. Resting today in preparation for my morning run with my running partner tomorrow. My entire body aches badly!


I went jogging with my running partner this morning as usual. We ran our first 1km non stop today in 14 minutes. After that, I could only manage running only 2-3 minutes at a stretch. Looking back now, I think in the beginning of the run, we could have overstretched ourselves running 14 minutes instead of just 3 - 5 minutes like I normally do. Power walked for the rest of the day, (our route is a 5.23km route) and added an extra 2.23km for good measure. We're going again tomorrrow morning and I was hurting so much she recommending resting that I may be overstretching my body. I think I'll powerwalk for the rest of next week - 10km for added measure each day. No more running for me.

  • Breakfast - ?!?!??!?!
  • Lunch - ?!?!?!?
  • Dinner - ?!??!?!

I intend to pig out this entire weekend. I AM TIRED!! I've had popcorn (maple flavour) so far and intend to get cereal with honey after. I weighed myself yesterday and feel so down. I now weigh 87kg but decided not to adjust my ticker. Its disheartening. I kept to my routine during the week - peppersoup, cheese, holding my longerthroat for the good things of life on those supermarket shelves etc so how and what could have made me add the extra 2KG in just one week? All that exercise and hurting during the week for nothing! My body hurts so much right now. So I'm throwing caution to the wind today and tomorrow. Induction starts again on Monday. LOL!! My target for the end of the May is to loose that stubborn 7kg.


We (running partner & I) power walked on our normal route and made it to the finish point in 50 minutes.


moi said...

Keep up the good work CG! Slow and steady wins the race :) You need to eat breakfast though, i've heard it boosts up your metabolism! Have a wonderful week!

princess said...

Oh gal! U declare fasting abi na wetin?? Any way keep up the good work and its true breakfast speeds up the metabolism.
I started the real Atkins diet on monday and this is the third day of my induction diet. E no easy at all but my appetite has subsided and am seeing some positive results already.
Just that unlike yankee where u get to see lots of varieties of foods u can eat, here na only chicken, egg, salad and moimoi o!(havnt had time to make the pepper soups yet, will do this weekend) To make it worse the array of foods loaded with carbs you see at all the fast food joint can be sooo tempting. God help me through sha.
Thanks for the luv!

Calabar Gal said...

@LGL: This breakfast thing is dicey for me. Eating before noon makes me dull and sleepy and so I try not to eat before then. On the other hand, I try to fast and pray and then break my fast later on. So its not as if I purposely set out to starve myself.

@Princess: My dear. I dey fast too abeg. I get some kind things like that wey I want make God do for me. So I'm holding unto the hem of his garment and break my fast by noon most days. But apart from that, yesterday I went to see a pal and all she had at her place was carbohydrates which I couldnt accept so I had to hold my peace until we got to Soho and practically ran into one of the restaurants there to eat. Thats how my meals ended up being so late yesterday.

Be careful with the salad. You know they contain carbs too and a plate could take up your entire 20g limit without you knowing. The salad meals are properly labelled over here so we know the carb content in each pack but over there, it could be dicey. I'll email you the info I've got on Atkins. Acceptable foods and stuff.

Chameleon said...

CG what do your weights weigh? mine are 0.25kg each and during taebo i tried them on my feet and it was as if i was stuck in cement.

Calabar Gal said...

@Chameleon: 0.25! LOL!! Dont mind me - I can afford to laugh now. I bought the 0.5kg each weights. You'll get used to them with time. The first few times I ran with mine they were heavy! I gave up running the very first day and power walked instead. It was that bad! But now, I dont even feel their heaviness anymore. Thinking of upgrading to 1kg each weights soon. I must confess that I visit the Sports section each time I go to Tesco. I 'work out' with the 3KG dumbells there - dont want to take them home with me just yet. Those 3KG dumbells are HEAVY!! I am a clown I know. LOL!!

KemiMamaLopes said...

Hello partner. Breakfast is good but I find after about 2 weeks on Atkins, I am not that hungry. As long as you eat by around noon that's fine. One thing with less carbs is that you never really feel tired with lower carb breakfasts. No carb induced body sugar surges. Changed my display name, Found too many comments from Kemis that were not me :)

moi said...

Don't loose hope! Sometimes you gain muscle mass even though you're lossing fat and since muscle weighs more than fat your weight may increase! Also I may be wrong but, you may not be eating "enough" and so your metabolism is not at its peak.
Anyway don't give up hope, keep at it slow and steady wins the race!!!!
Saw your comment, no I usually don't run. Decided to do so for my 5k since I walk all the time and thought I should put in an extra effort. Like you I have a hard time pacing myself I tend to run faster than I should and then end up trying to catch my breathe. You seem to be doing a good job with your running and I'm sure you'll do well in your 5K in July.
Sorry for the looooong comment!!

LittleGirlLost said...

If you are excercising and eating lots of protein your muscles will grow. You might want to keep a tape measure as well as weighing yourself because if you are losing weight but gaining muscle your waist will still get smaller.

Vickii said...

Hey hun, well done for persevering! Honestly don't get discouraged, like some of the commentors suggested you could be burning fat and building muscle and since muscle weighs more, you've gained on the scales but in reality you're slimmer.

How do your clothes feel on you? They're probably a better indication of your weight loss!

Keep doing great!

Calabar Gal said...

@Kemi: This ya new display name NA WA!! Lol!! Have you been sticking to ur no carbs rule?

@Moi: I've changed my ways and strategy. (smile) Eating breakfast now to kickstart my metabolism and will eat more frequently now.

@Littlegirllost: I do have a tape measure. Will be using it more frequently now to see if there are any changes too. Thanks.

@Vickii: My clothes do feel a little bit loose. Maybe I am gaining muscle. Thanks for your advice.

THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR ENCOURAGEMENT AND ADVICE. I do feel so much better now and looking forward once again to another weigh in at the end of the month.

princess said...

Hey gal! Not been here for a while. I know how it feels when u weigh urself and its like nothing has been lost or u even gained more. Dont worry about it just remain steadfast. I weighed myself last week and i have lost 2kg all the same am not bothered cos am not looking at the scales rather am looking at the old clothes that are beggining to fit now.