Monday, April 23, 2007


SATURDAY Got a set of 0.5KG ankle and wrist weights today. I'll go back for the 1KG and heavier weights after trying this one out. I'm finding it difficult sticking to the allowed 20g of carbs daily allowed me. Maybe I'm bored and need to add something different to my meal plan.
  • Breakfast - Fried Egg, 4 sausages - approx 20g of carbs
  • Brunch - 350g pack of Brocolli - approx 7g of carbs
  • Snack - 1 Avocado - approx 2g of carbs
  • Dinner - 3 Cheese singles - 4.8g of carbs
  • 2 Litres of Water

Thats more than 30g of carbs today. I know I overshot my carb allowance for today. The sausages blew it right from the start and I couldnt help it after that. I made enough for two but Oga refused his opting for something else and I couldnt bear to chuck them in the bin.

Its a week now since I started going to the park. Went jogging in the evening and it was good. 3 laps round the park but I was so tired that even the last lap was a struggle and I just gave up after that, postponed the last round which would have been a lap of power walking and went back home. Tomorrow's another day.


  • Brunch - Huge bowl of Salad
  • 2 litres of water
  • bowl of beans - too soon
  • macdonald's meal, some cake - WHY oh why didnt I resist?!?!?!

I went jogging with my jogging partner on sunday morning at 5am. She replied my gumtree advert and by sheer coincidence, she lives on my street too. We went jogging for 30 minutes with her boyfriend at 5am on sunday morning. She dosent want anyone to see her during the day. I wore my weights when we went jogging and the pace was quite good. I had some more exercise in the afternoon when I took some visitors to Oxford Street and we pounded the sidewalks and shops for about 5hours. It was at Oxford Street I was offered a Big MAC and couldnt resist and tucked in complete with drink and chips. I did someting awful after taking all the forbidden foods not allowed on Atkins once I got home though. I ............


  • Breakfast - 1 Avocado
  • Snack - 3 Cheese Slices
  • Lunch - Bowl of Salad
  • Dinner - Bowl of Soup
  • Snack - Sausages
  • 2 Litres of Water

I may not go jogging for the next two days. My body needs some rest although who knows how I might feel in an hour when it'll be time to leave. Maybe I just will go and try my weights out some more.

I intend to introduce new meals to my food plan in May and go into Phase Two of the diet which is Ongoing Weight Loss OWL. Lets just put it this way - I decided to make my induction last a month instead of the usual two weeks - maximum effect I guess I wanted to achieve.


moi said...

Hi CG! Thanks for visiting my blog and also for the comment. I actually opened up the blog sometime last year but never wrote anything. I didn't and still don't think I can keep up with it :) but i'll keep it open for times I feel like writing. I am actually a silent,addicted blog reader and have been doing the naija blog rounds for almost a year now.
Yes o! I have lost 7 pounds. I happen to have phases of being extremely active and then letting it all go. I hope I can make a lifestyle change and keep up with it! Good job on your weight loss as well. You're doing awesome!
Its okay to cheat with the food as long as it doesn't become an all time habit (like I usually do -working on it though ;)).
Alrighty didn't mean to leave such a looooong comment. Take care of you!

Vickii said...

It's okay to slip up sometimes and you've been really good for a long time so don't worry about it ... just move on and continue!

Nice that you found a jogging partner but I can't believe you jogged with ankle weights for 30 minutes ... you crazy girl! It's hard enough without the ankle weights!

Good luck for the rest of the week!

Chameleon said...

so you found a partner on gumtree? idemmili told me it was pretty straightforward... i should stop dillydalying and just put an ad up.

where did you get your weights from?

Chameleon said...

also, im going to stick to induction for 2 weeks, have 3 days to do whatever, and then induction for another 2 weeks. this should kick start the ketosis again and hopefully by the end of that 4 week period, have lost what i need...

Calabar Gal said...

@Moi: I'm hoping my cheating dosent become a bad habit. LOL!!

@Vickii: LOL!! You have a pleasant week too.

@Chameleon: Its was quite straightforward. Although she's the only one who replied my advert - 5weeks after I put it up. She said scary shit happens on gumtree although she's reluctant to give me instances.

Got the ankle weights from Tesco.

Calabar Gal said...

@Vickii: Did I mention I wore the weights round my wrists and not round my ankles on Sunday? I tried running with them round my ankle this evening and the difference was clear. My legs were HEAVY and lifting them up to run was a mighty chore!! I think I'll be powerwalking only with the weights from now on.