Thursday, April 12, 2007


Last night about 9.30pm, I felt a little bit peckish and had about 10 olives. Then at 10.15 headed back to the kitchen and opened the fridge. Out came the rest of the salad and I meant to eat only the olives that were in it but somehow couldnt help myself and finished the entire bowl of salad. I hope eating that late wont affect my metabolism. I remembered LGL saying the good voices go quiet when the bad voices rear its head and bingeing starts. But I'm hoping the salad wasnt a bad thing - salads are healthy no matter what time of the night you eat them arent they? Today I had:
  • One bowl of Afang Soup and some meat
  • Brussel Sprouts + 2 Sausages
  • Snack - A Boiled Egg
  • 3 litres of water

Upon all my mouth yesterday, I didnt go jogging this mornig as planned. I was on my mobile this evening and looking out of my window when I saw this lady jogging down the street. It gave me an idea - I'll try waylaying people running in my area and ask them if I can join them.

9PM Update:

My friend came to see me this evening and I opted to see her off to the busstop when she was leaving. On second thoughts, I decided to changed into my joggers and have some exercise as well after she was on her way. So I can say happily now I went jogging today. YEAH!!!


Waffarian said...

Well done! Today will be my second day jogging! Can't wait. For breakfast today, I'll have eggs, tomatoes and cucumbers, sort of a sallad. Haven't figured out lunch yet. I'll keep you posted!

LittleGirlLost said...

Are you also doing Atkins Waffy?


Calabar Gal said...

@LGL: I think she's (waffarian) doing the 21 day challenge with buki, Vickii and a host of others.

Waffarian said...

Calabar girl is right, I am doing the 21 day challenge.Anyway, let me fill you guys in on the rest of the food for that day. For lunch, I had quinoa, sallad and grilled halloumi, and then i went jogging