Sunday, April 08, 2007


An idea just came to my mind. I now know what to write in this blog. Visiting London Chameleon's food diary gave me an idea. This blog is going to be a chronicle of my Weight loss using the ATKINS DIET Regime and how I'm going to go about achieving my aim which is to reduce from a 90KG young lady to a slim and svelte 65KG - 70KG young lady. I have to hurry up and send this link to my diet buddy KEMI so she can read all about my chronicles and share hers with me too. I'm thinking of calling her one of these days just to hear her voice. I'm sure that will be a lovely surprise for her.


Chameleon said...

goodluck sweetie...
3kg lost already
not bad oh!

Calabar Gal said...

That reminds me: I must put up a ticker on this blog too. Its the end of this month I will know if I have succeeded in shifting any weight truely.