Friday, April 20, 2007

Energy Boost

I think I may have eaten too much today. I am beginning to get terribly bored and cant wait for this my self inflicted punishment called Induction to be over so I can introduce something new into my meals. Only two more days to go. I went looking for energy drinks yesterday since Vickii mentioned that I might be pulled back and have less energy due to my non consumation of carbs. I sought out RED BULL but after reading its carbs content which was 28g, dropped it back on the shelf. Taking that would have blown my restricted carb diet allowance of only 20g daily sky high. Its sugar free sister - Sugar Free RedBull was better with only 3g of carbs and so I opted for it. Looking around the energy drinks section, I dicovered that Tesco had its own brand of energy drink which came in a 1 litre bottle for the same price as the 250ml Sugar Free Red Bull and with nil carb content too so I decided to try that out too. Into my shopping basket it went.
  • Brunch - Pepper Soup with loads of meat & shaki
  • Snack - 2 Cheese Singles and a hot dog.
  • Lunch - Huge bowl of salad
  • Snack - 8 Strawberries
  • Dinner - Bowl of soup with some chicken pieces - was hungry after running
  • After Dinner Snack - An Avocado
  • 2.5 Litres of Water

I was quite happy with my progress today at the park and I put it all down to the 250ml measure of Kick Stimulating Energy Drink I drank before leaving home. The last time I jogged in the park (saturday), my legs wouldnt budge when I went back to the park the next day (sunday) and thus I resorted entirely to power walking that day. Today, I was expecting my legs to give way after the first lap since I had worked them seriously yesterday running but they didnt. The first lap went well, the second, third, fourth and finally couldnt make the fifth round and power walked instead. But it was good and to me quite unbelieveable that I ran 4 laps round the park today. Thank God for the energy drink. It worked wonders!


LondonBuki said...

Well done with the running :-)

Mrs Somebody said...

Mr Somebody took the family to EKO hotel yesterday and I ate and ate and ate and ate.................I'm not eating any food this week,only fruits.

Chameleon said...

Mrs CG, i know you will laugh but im on Atkins for 2 weeks.
i need ideas for snacking at work. Not allowed nuts right?

LittleGirlLost said...

I also found the Tesco energy drink, I switched to that from the lite red bull I was drinking because I was sooo tired last week. It works you know.

I'm starting my induction again - This is so hard. Never thought it would be this difficult to eat eggs and meat. I thought it would be easy.


Calabar Gal said...

@Londonbuki: Thanks. Its gets better each day. I'm enjoying it.

@Mrs SOmebody: Hmmmn hard to resist the huge spread huh?

@Chameleon: No nuts at all. Best wishes with the Induction and no, i am not laughing. Infact, when you were talking about dropping a dress size radically, it had been on my mind all along to suggest Atkins to you.

@LGL: The tesco energy drink is wonderful. It helped me when I got to the park the next day and normally after a day of running, I wouldnt have been able to move much the next day but powerwalked instead but with the drink, I was able to run for the second day in a row. I was mighty impressed with the drink myself.