Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Restoration - Thanks To Azuka

Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Calabar Gal & Calabar Gal 2 have both been restored!! My thanks goes wholeheartedly to the Computer Science Degree Whiz Kid - Azuka Okuleye who offered to help and did restore the blog for me as well as removing the funny lines running accross Calabar Gal2.
The Web Designer & Developer has just 'coded 'and 'found a solution' to the various problems on my blogs caused by my attempts to change my settings. Who says there are no true friends in blog land? Thanks Man!! You are a true son of your father and may you come tops of ur class always with plenty, plenty A's. (Smile) I knew next to nought when it comes to dealing with the computer and I must have clicked on the 'delete blog' icon at one point in time or the other.

I must confess that keeping a blog is hectic and most times, I have no idea what to blog about so keeping two blogs isnt in the offing right now. So Calabar Gal will remain dormant for the time being and Calabar Gal2 will continue to be my dominant and only blog until I can fathom out what to do with this page.


beautyinbaltimore said...

thanks for visting my blog.

LondonBuki said...

what is going on with your main blog oh! I am panicking here!!!

Calabar Gal said...

beats me!! All I did was try to post a comment and the screen went blank on me. I'm shitting in my pants now. Maybe its a virus. Waiting for azuka or anyone with IT knowledge to give me a hand. Hey!! arent u into IT?